Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cultural Disrespect Rears Its Head In Texas School

The rights of a Native American boy who attends Needville Scool in Texas, are being violated because the school believes his spiritually prescripted (according to Apache beliefs) long hair clashes with the rural district's code. The mother of Adriel Aroch, Michelle Betenbaugh, advises that her 5 year old son wears his hair long because of his religious beliefs, and she does not intend to have his beliefs rolled over.
Taking the matter to court, if the school board does not respect her child's cultural rights, she refuses to just sit down, and will fight for her child's cultural and religious protection.

"His dad is of Native American descent, so we have chosen to raise him with certain beliefs in place, one of them being that his hair is sacred and we don't cut it," she said.

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