Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speaking of eradicating plastic...

Sigg has come to the rescue of plastic bottle dependent water drinkers everywhere, and considering the fact that bottled water is nothing more than glorified tap water anyways, we're inclined to applaud this greenish move (green-ish because the bottle is made of an aluminum fabric).

In a valiant move to liberate us from the toxic plastic that seeps into our water and has become an unnatural part of the natural environment, Sigg offers up some very flavorful designs upon reusable bottles that are pretty much unbreakable, and good for those Green points many of us are earning. In addition to this 1% of sales are donated to green businesses.

Now don't get us wrong we're keeping a close watch on it, as aluminum is usually something to keep away from your ingestibles, but from Sigg's descriptions of the inside liner coating, we're hoping this really is a healthy green alternative:

"As tough as they are on the outside, it's the inside of SIGG bottles that make them so special. Due to SIGG's special, proprietary internal coating, these high-tech bottles are resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks, alcohol and virtually any consumable beverage. Because the liners are taste and scent neutral, you can enjoy any beverage you'd like – without any lingering smell or taste of the last beverage you drank. The composition of the liner also reduces the chances of bacteria build-up. And because the liner is virtually baked into the inner walls of the bottle, it will not flake or chip even if dented on the outside."

Thanks Treat for the intel.

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lady butta.fly said...

my coworker swears by her sigg bottle. i'm considering buying one.

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Butta.fly!

Thanks for stopping through.
I'm thinking of investing one as well.

Stuck in my head said...

I love my Sigg water bottles!!