Saturday, August 4, 2007

Appreciation- Common

*schoolgirl giggle*

Whether he's making classics, engaging in socially uplifting activism or revealing his manly heart-centeredness Common is a model example of what a man is. This is primarily because he hasn't allowed himself to be punked into the idea of pseudo-machismo, and makes no bones about the fact that he is still searching, and learning.

*Double sigh

Men like Common inspire chics like myself to remember that not every male in the species is a little boy in thugs clothing trying to impress their boys by putting down the females that are responsible for the continuation of their culture, and who are their counterparts...

Thankyou Common. This blog is in appreciation for you and all that you represent.
Your sound is timeless. You haven't sold out for the fleeting dollar or five minutes of fame. I can have my child listen to your music without flinching, and scrambling for the dial.

I heart you.
Invisible Woman hearts you too and has a blog of appreciation for your beauteousness as the beauteousness of other manly men as well.

Upcoming appreciation and schoolgirl crushes that are overdue a blog entry:

Mos Def
Don Cheadle
Jet Li
Morgan Freeman
Talib Kweli
Quest (His Myspace url is: QuestMusic)

*Frozen in a state of grinning while daydreaming...


hottnikz said...

I'm totally in love with this man.To me he is the epitome of what a real man should be. I used to feel this strongly about Mos Def until I read something somewhere about him not being up to date on child support payments. I not familiar with Jin, who is he?

PurpleZoe said...

Really? That Mos news could have been a rumor. High profile black men are beloved targets for the rumormill, so the negative archetype can continue to be rebirthed from era to era...

Jin is one of my 'non-African (Kemetian) person of color' crushes... Actually he's one of two Chinaman crushes. Jet Li does something to me also<-----Words cannot express.
Jin was with Rough Ryders but does his own thing now via Indie releases and touring. He could work on the consciousness in his content to some degree, but he's definitely healthier Hip-Hop than most.

Invisible Woman said...

Sad, but true, PZ...the MosDef/child support thing is true...

PurpleZoe said...

I don't get it and will shut my mouth before I get started on a tangent.

You know what... too late. WTF?
Better archetypal information needs to be dispersed, period.
This sh-- is largely an unconscious process. It's time to heal the psyche and break the cycle.
Sh--- don't care if we start going to hypnotists to heal the deeper wounds (they have a dramatically higher rate of success, whereas as psychotherapy has a tiny rate of success) or start saying affirmations as a cultural practice... Something with proven efficiency needs to be employed independently in our community.


hottnikz said...

At first I thought that's who you were talking about...but then I was like nah, can't be. No comment about Jin...I almost caught a beat down about Morgan Freeman and I agreed that he was sexy, just too old.

PurpleZoe said...

lol. Morgan got it goin on now...
I know Jin is a little rough around the edges at times but he does have swagger, imo....Not the swagger of Jet Li, but hey... I love Eastern men, Kemetian (African), Asiatic... Very much my type of eye candy (considering the fact that I am very much non-tactile these days...chastity belt and all).

PurpleZoe said...

Still in a weird place regarding the whole Mos Def thing though... I may have to stay single, get 10 more cats, and a house on the hill filled with books and craft supplies...Cuz I'm an animal loving bookish chic like that, and too skeptical for my own good when it comes to the opposite sex, I think.

Invisible Woman said...

I hear you on that last one And hypnotism? That is genius! I think at this point it might be the only thing that is effective haha