Monday, August 6, 2007

The Modern Shaman - The Lizard Totem

Representing the process of Dream review before our thoughts are manifested physically, Lizard brings us the wisdom of our intuition, symbols from dreamtime that assist us in daily life (which makes keeping a dreamlog a wise thing for us to do), and objective detachment needed for achieving our perhaps dharmic goals.
The Lizard is expert in the art of subtle perception, and has the ability to separate from it's tail once to confuse a predator with the wriggling remnant as they make a getaway. The new tail grows back as cartilage making this a one time deal, which signifies the Lizard's ability to let go, as well as its council to be aware of the critical nature of your decisions. It also suggests heeding your intuitive faculties, and being willing to part with anything that no longer serves you to ensure your comfort and safety on the life path.

An excellent source of Totemic wisdom is just beyond the neon moonflowers


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