Friday, August 24, 2007

The Release of Brig Feltus Love and Light Volume One

Captive Libertine Recordings announces the release of Brig Feltus' debut album, Love and Light Volume One

Originally slated for July 17, the label opted to push back the album's release, giving it a fall release date of September 4. A listening party will be held preceding the release of the Indie darling's volume, and a fan only live recording of a July 10 performance in the popular Quality Collective 'Transmissions' series will be made available to friends and fans.

"We wanted to allow Brig time to focus on her performances. Her fans express continual interest in her upcoming whereabouts and much time had been taken to work on wrapping up the album. Remaining connected with her audience is important to Miss Feltus," relays a representative of Captive Libertine Recordings, LLC.

Love and Light Vol.1 is presented with a dark and somewhat mysterious aesthetic, which is curious considering the honest and poetically brazen nature of the content. She has a talent for subtly acting out her story both vocally and lyrically, that draws the listener into her songs which have a dimensional effect, as if the listener is entering a room and watching a show in the mind's eye.

"Brig creates music that is meant to be felt in more than one dimension. You can taste her music, pick up its scent and enter it. It's a very sensual experience," notes Daz, member of Brig's Dream Team.

Fans have long anticipated and requested an album of her, but Brig wished to take her time with it and be sure it was ready and in line with the original vision for each piece in the Love and Light collection. Working alongside Grammy award winning producer, Chico Bennett, her music began to take on acoustic flesh, and within three years they felt it was ready for release.

Early applause and feedback for the previews Brig Feltus granted to Myspace friends and fans confirmed their feeling.

"Awesome Music. Stay thirsty for truth."
-Speech of Arrested Development

"Wow! Brig, 'Roll'... You know I always loved Funkadelic before Clinton; Guttural and seductive funk rock, anxiety driven stuff. Your music is reminiscent of that stuff and so much more ... Evocative and Provocative. Your voice is sharp and incisive, with a faint smoke stain; The resonant strings and the bounce ..."
-Courtney, Myspace friend and fan

"'Blindman's Blues' is beautiful in its simplicity. A great vehicle for your idiosyncratic vocal phrasing. Your phrasing is unlike anyone else, Brig. You go up where most folks go down and down where most go up. That is what makes the vibe hip and fresh and you. I love Chico's acoustic guitar playing throughout. Such a wonderful complement to the programmed beats. It helps the music strike a balance and again, keeps it contemporary. I'm way proud of what you've accomplished with these songs and can't wait to hear the rest! "
-Boston Fielder of Muthawit Band and the Urb Alt movement

"'Brig Feltus' music is easily worthy of being a grand soundtrack for the more vivid aspects or periods in anyone's personal life. I look forward to hearing her music on 'The L word'. It's a perfect fit," shares another DreamTeam member.

Brig Feltus is an indie darling with high interest from the circuit. Her team promises many forthcoming surprises and interesting partnerships. More information can be found at

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