Friday, August 24, 2007

Digital Splendor - Maji

Update (as of 1/2009):
Maji is now being published with the full title: 'The books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus' to avoid brand confusion with two books that bare a very close titling. It is still the Maji Omnibus, as Maji (meaning water in Swahili) has strong symbolic ties with the purpose of the book.

The special edition of Maji approaches, and it's said the epic poem Metaheart will be an extra in this almost fully-loaded release. Stay tuned for a chance to win the .pdf version, with other goodies.

Reviews have described Maji's look at Original Faerie, as an adventure that stays with you.
Promoting positive multicultural archetypes in a society that has systemically implanted negative-perception-swaying archetypes representing people of diverse backgrounds, Maji's 3 volume story is a must have for any conscious parent intending to share images with their children that accurately represent them culturally and spiritually. Maji is also for the inner child, no matter the age of the fantasy freak stepping into it's dimensions. Earthskinned elves abound from a diverse village of cultures, making this a healthy alternative for any who intend to erase separatist color lines and embrace heroes of all traditions.

Recommended for Indigo's and Starchildren of all persuasions.

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