Friday, August 24, 2007

Subculture - J*Davey

I love the fuzzy pink neon flair J*Davey's vibe carries so flagrantly. A male electronica pixie and a fly girl with a mohawk. I'm loving the archetypal potential they present us with.
Shockingly, Warner Bros loves their vibe as well and their album draws near to us via a Major Label, despite the fact that J*Davey is innovative, and non-formulaic...
Wow. I guess somebody woke up. Maybe other labels will follow and we can put the 'dark times' of unoriginal vice-ridden music behind us.


Download their free, extremely slammin' mixtape by clicking the very real symbolism J*Davey has graciously provided to enlighten current society via mirror image...

Google them for interesting vids pon the net that include a non-corny danceoff between the singing lead and Ellen Degeneres, a very odd music video, and other goodies that promise to chase away the boredom bug.

Visit their ether lair beyond the digital daisy fields ~~~~~~~*

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