Saturday, August 4, 2007

James Shikwati Explains That Charity Is Hurting Rather Than Helping The Motherland...

Stumbled across an interesting blog regarding charity's effect in Africa(Kemet).
I've been donating regularly to various fundraising efforts, and am concerned for a few reasons. If what Mr. James Shikwati says is true, who is the money I'm sending along with many others really benefiting? If this isn't true, can media like this influence people to stop attempting to assist in the re-development of areas that have been prey to the tactics of large international business forces?

"In his country of Kenya, food was sent in the past to help the community but it end up being sold privately and also prevents local farmers to make a living..."

You be the judge after you read more information.
I'm of the thought that there still have to be ways to assist that don't damage or benefit greed-mongering gatekeepers looking to profit from charity sent to people in need. I'll tell you one thing though...After reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Half a Golden Sun", I am more realistic about what happens in the Motherland in the hands of the "elite" who have held privileged positions...

Mr. Shikwati is for placing more focus on freedom of trade solutions, and business promotion in rural areas to name a few things. This way The Motherland can rebuild itself from within with it's own resources ( PZ thinks: Considering the fact that most of the world's 'Leaders' have benefited from stealing these resources for some time, The Motherland can probably rebuild itself in a reasonable amount of time if the interference of wolves in sheeps clothing is cleared out...)

PZ thinks: This could make sites such (though their customer email response needs work) a great way to support our global brothers and sisters in any region that is re-developing.

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CapCity said...

i've always been a li'l skeptical of those collecting monies for so many charities anyway. thanx for this info. great intro to your spot!

cooper said...

The truth is in the end we have to provide ways for Africa and the countries in it to maintain and sustain their own wealth.

The cahrites I give to involving Africa are many but they involve money which goes directly too for refugees and are dispensed by the ropganizatio itself not a third party.

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou for coming through for a visit Capcity and Cooper!

I appreciate your comment on this entry a great deal, and definitely intend to do more research.

It would seem the reality is, unless we see charities hand delivering relief supplies to those in true need, we can only hope they're getting there.
I'm seriously considering finding the organizations that are in support of fair trade, and focusing my efforts in that arena.
I've been donating though and at times hoping the funds are benefiting who they are intended to.

I also understand alot of folks feel charity begins at home, but hey...I consider this planet to be my home, and also feel strongly that when any of us are suffering beyond reason we all have responsibility to fund safety and comfort needs in the ways we are capable.
At least in the US the poor in many areas have shelters and food kitchens or garbages to eat out of.
In many third world areas, those sorts of options are a dream.

Support Basic needs and resources available for everyone.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

Charity is short term. We need to educate and establish businesses. Give a man a fish, he'll eat for the day, teach a man to fish he'll never go hungry.

Right now, Africa is in crisis, and charity is needed just to help many make it to the next day. Eventually, however, long term goals will need to be set to battle poverty, corruption, and disease.

Don't stop giving, just research the charity you give to, and research the government receiving the goods.

PurpleZoe said...

It's definitely about promoting education and business opportunity.
I found a site today in a vintage issue of O! magazine that has an ad from which I'm lovelinking. I've got a good vibe about them. I also dig quite a bit. seems nice but they never returned my customer service maila dn that raised red flags for me...