Monday, August 13, 2007

Jill Scott speaks for Mother Earth

This is just my interpretation, but some of the lines of her song like: 'If I gave you diamonds from my own womb..." (Very Mother Kemet aka Africa channeling)..., and such lead me to believe her new 'bangin-hook possessing' single is a channeling of Mother Earth to the irresponsible behavior displaying Nature Haters.

You decide after viewing the vid.

I'm beginning to seriously dig Jill. She hasn't been a favorite in the past to be honest, but I'm feeling her fire these days.
I've been more of a Badu chic... But I'm diggin' the innovation in Jill's current lyricism and her voice sounds more like it's coming from her heart than her throat these days. There's definitely more definition and strength there. Bless her.
Check for links to the free album sampler for Jill's impending release.


Yobachi said...

Is her new album out yet, I definitely one to cop this one.

PurpleZoe said...

This one looks like it's gonna be a keeper. I don't think it's out until Fall though... Nerdwithswag has a link to her free album sampler. When you get to , key 'Jill Scott Album Sampler' into the search app. That should bring up the info.