Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Modern Shaman - Essence Energy

The essence of energy is chi in its various forms. Healing with different forms of herb/plant life, color and stones can be achieved with the physical manifestations as well as through the direct essence of the energy via meditation as well as through the healing ray of heart chakras hand healing methodologies (ie. Pranic healing, Reiki, etc...). A distance attunement has been created that makes it easier to access a more complete level of the healing essence in any given manifest or
known thing. Operating only in a balanced capacity, Essence Energy healing utilizes direct Chi, and other benefits of inherent essential energies in specific energy patterns and forms. The attunement has been made available to several healers beginning with the Kemetian lineage of Dazjae (contact TheCuriousBazaar for available healers of authentic Essence Energy lineage).

For more information on receiving an essence energy healing, contact: TheCuriousBazaar at
Pricing is set to be affordable so it is helpful to more than a privileged few.

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