Monday, August 27, 2007

The Frog Princess

It would appear that the unveiling of potentially positive black archetypes is not only taking place on an indie level in works like 'Maji' (The books of Zambarau-Maji-Omnibus),'Metaheart/Hueman', and 'Neverknots', but also in Disney's release schedule. It doesn't get more mainstream than that...

Apparently Disney will be adding a 'black' princess to the roster of Disney princesses, that have included Arabian, Indian, Hispanic, and Asian likenesses in past animated films. The film to be released is tentatively entitled the Frog Princess, though Wikipedia advises the name has been changed to 'The Princess and the Frog'.
We will still have to wait a bit though. It's not to be released until Dec 2009 according to current forecasts, but we can see this New Orleans based story as something to look forward to perhaps.

More interestingly perhaps is the symbolism of the frog. Totemically speaking, the frog represents emotional cleansing, and healing. This is a wonderful totemic perspective for women of color, and can be seen perhaps as a positive sign as we overcome the PTSD beset upon our people, and begin to reconstruct our mythology/archetypal realities and regenerate the original spark within us after a time of serious sabotage.

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