Monday, August 27, 2007

The Grassroute- Petitions do work...

Care dropped a lovely piece of news in my box about a certain member of the current corrupt administration resigning...

Repost of sentiments:

Tens of thousands of Care2 members had called for Alberto Gonzales' resignation, and now we have great news to share with you. The Attorney General has announced his resignation today.

Gonzales ended his two-year tenure with a controversial record and many critics. He now joins a long list of high-profile White House resignations. The embattled Attorney General was linked to a warrantless wiretapping program, the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys, and was responsible for the so-called torture memos.

His departure was long overdue.

Thanks to all of you who signed petitions. You took action and your voice was heard!

note from PZ:
Now is the time to increase the momentum of petition signing, article writing, phonecall making and etc.
Stay on it.

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