Friday, August 10, 2007

Goodbye Greedmongers, Hello Ubuntu


Approximately 7 "support" phonecalls with Misersoft later (--- and still no resolution from the digi-thieves but plenty of responsibility dodging for support on a two month old pc...), I decided to join my fellow treehuggin, grassroots weaving hippie dream manifesters in the Ubuntu revolution. I am typing from it as we speak. It surpasses Misersoft Win-blows for several reasons.

*It has a groovy Motherland name that means 'Humanity with others' <--beauteous.

*Ubuntu is relatively virus-free like Apple PC's.

*It's fairly easy to use (the learning curve is painless), and Ubuntu forums are reportedly the friendliest when you need help...(You can also email me and I'll share what I've learned in such a short time...)

*You can run the OS from a disk before you decide to install it fully (in about 2 minutes after startup). Installing it fully takes less than a half hour.

*No greed serving henchment are at work right now devising ways to irritate you into buying "support" for Ubuntu or additional unnecessary products.

*Ubuntu feels comfy and does respect your right to choose.

*Groovy plug-ins and other Linux-based goodies are becoming widely available.
Even Dell is selling pc's loaded with Ubuntu (smart move on their part...The meek shall inherit the Earth and all).

*Win-blows is on it's way down. They are handing over their dominance to Apple, and Linux on a silver platter with all the fixins (they blow off customer service and try their best to get your money while showing no accountability for their actions... Forget them. Let them fall.)

Here's a bit about the tradition of Unbuntu found on the web:

Ubuntu: a Zulu word, literally meaning “humanness.” Ubuntu is a social and spiritual philosophy serving as a framework for African society. Its essential meaning can be conveyed using the Zulu maxim “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”—meaning, in essence, “a person is a person through other persons.” The practice of ubuntu is fundamentally inclusive.

*triple sigh

Even the logo represents this in the symbolic shape of three people holding hands. Three is the number of expansion, mirth and good fortune also. Very positive vibes, y'all.

I think the next time I get crafty and make beads out of polymer clay, I'll make one with the Ubuntu symbol in the middle (easy recipe for polymer... equal parts cornstarch and Elmer's type glue makes polymer clay that bakes at 200 degrees F, hardening reasonably well...Save your coins. Craft stores will get you if they can).

Life is good and everything happens for a reason.

Visit them by clicking the Ubuntu Unity Symbol.
You can download online or order a free CD.

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