Thursday, August 9, 2007

Seriously, I Loathe Windows Vista

I am only now accessing my pc because Windows VIsta allowed me to log on with minimal functionality to access support that is obviously non-existent...Long Sory.
The short version? Windows Vista is a joke, but not a funny one. It is worth no one's time. Windows has lost touch with their consumers, and I hope opensource OS like Ubuntu whips their a-- in the long run, because personally I am tired of men in suits trying to make everything difficult for folks because of their infection with greed.

...Now that I've had my tirade. I apologize. I planned on posting a myriad of groovy tidbits today. This will have to wait until I get this issue resolved. I am typing in the correct password afterall, and Vista is calling it an incorrect product key though it never asked for a product key. I've been using this pc for several months now so... WTF? Microsft must be insane to release a product that fails to such a degree. On top of this the fact that they charge customer's 59. for support confirms their loss of touch with reality.

All the better for Linux and Apple I suppose. Thank God I back up my files regularly.

Maybe I will get a Mac afterall, when I purchase the next pc. For now it's clear I need to get a copy of XP and forget Vista altogether. Microsoft should provide me with XP for my trouble.

I have included a blog entry link about Windows Vista from a fellow VistaLoather here >_<


Invisible Woman said...

I hear you girl. When I first started on Vista, "I hate Vista!" was my mantra at least 20 times a day. And the office version is even worse than the home one. For the life of me I couldn't see the point of 90% of their new features...XP was just fine.

When I bought the computer I am now typing on, I went from place to place looking for one with XP, and was finally told that Microsoft ordered that all retailers return computers with XP or face some kind of penalty.

Pure, unadulterated, monopoly and greed. my next computer will be a Mac, no doubt....the only reason I don't have one now is at the time I only had a grand to spend, and not two. Good luck with everything...

PurpleZoe said...

Same here, and today only worsened it.
You know... You could always try Ubuntu.
It can translate most of the programs to its Linux format, and plugins are very easy to find. Linux has been taking over thankfully.
I can also float some links I've found with decent info if you like (let me know).
Its a very smooth transition if you backup your pc files...You also don't have to worry about lack of privacy any longer either.

I felt like 'Big Brother was looking down my shoulder while I used Vista.

Thankyou sincerely for your good wishes. They worked! I found my solution in Ubuntu. I am in love with Linux now. Perhaps this is why I sound like a commercial. In two minutes from putting the disk in my drive I was up and running, able to try it out before I decided to install in for good, which took very little time as well.

Beth said...

Amen! I can't let my computer go to sleep - because there is no sleep - yet when it wants to hibernate it crashes so I have to shut it down, unplug and replug - in which case I have to shut it down again, and finally I can restart which takes 10 minutes. I went to Microsoft for help, and they told me for 59.99 I can get all the support I need because it has been over 90 days since I purchased it. I hate Microsoft....