Friday, August 3, 2007

Purple Mag's Monthly Mass Meditation

Every month on the 3rd at either 3 or 9, am or pm, Mass Meditation around the globe is encouraged that generates love, focuses on the basics needs of everyone being met, and infuses the ethers with positive consciousness.

Affirmations can be chanted, some folks envision the globe wrapped in rainbows. Whatever your positive meditation style, you're invited to join in and raise the vibes. Mass Meditation is proven to bring down negativity such as crime (see What The Bleep Do We hear of the studies that have been done). We can make a huge difference, even doing a Monthly Meditation for 15 minutes or more.

Affirmations (use these or your own):

I am live. We are love.
I live love. I give love.
Everyone's basic needs are met.
Everyone on the planet has access to the resources they require for positive living and creativity.
We live in peace.
We are a peaceful global village.
We are safe.

and etc.


Check out the PurpleMagazine Myspace blog for more info under 'Earth Blessing'.

Also peep the Mass Consciousness Project on Myspace for other meditation events and groups.

Another interesting offering crossed our path yesterday as well. offers free assistance with matters you present to him.
See the website for more info.

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