Thursday, August 30, 2007

My heart says Yes. We will Stand.

Freedom Fighters numbering in the many gave their energy, dedication, lives and loyalty to ensure an environment of true equality would exist in a country that already claimed to stand for justice and diversity. These Freedom Fighters were beaten, killed, and imprisoned under false charges. They were defamed and met with immense opposition by those content to ensure division remained to afford the privilege of a few that the many would pay for, by living at a substandard level.

Many of us have become complacent while enjoying many of these freedoms bought and paid for with the blood of our ancestors. Even now as we speak 6 members our youth are facing what is most likely the most terrifying experience of their young lives in Jena Louisiana, because they assumed in this era there would not be barriers like "whites only" areas that they could not frequent. They assumed their psyches would not be assaulted with images of nooses hanging from trees when they sat under a tree that had seemed to be reserved for White students after asking school officials for permission and receiving the green light. They assumed they would not be attacked with racial slurs and violence.
Were they wrong to assume this in 2007? I mean, a black candidate is running for Presidency. Oprah's empire is loved by many of all cultures. Interracial relationships are barely blinked at any longer... Aren't we progressing?

Could they have really anticipated that they would be provoked into a physical altercation that would leave the white students nearly blameless and them facing sentences that would take most of their young lives by subjecting them to imprisonment... for a fight they were goaded into?

And more importantly what are we going to do about it, not only for our youth but in honor to our ancestors? Can some of the "bling"in our community be donated to the Jena 6 Defense Fund? Will our celebrities stand and say "No!" ? Will the coverage of this case be more important than indulging ourselves in the freedoms only some of us are enjoying?

My heart says Yes. We will stand.

You can sign the petition. You can spread the word. You can go to Louisiana and march in September. You can donate to the defense fund. You can support the youth.

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Peace be upon you.

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Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thank you for your contribution: Blogging for Justice. Our voices were heard.

PurpleZoe said...

Thankyou very much for visiting and sharing this with me. It means a great deal. Be Blessed Mr. Griffin. I believe there will be more statements of intent for justice forthcoming.