Friday, August 10, 2007

Indiefied- Tenderhead

There is a humility in Tenderhead Shena Verrett's fierceness that inspires heart swooning, without dulling the intensity of her languid etheric pen. I hear Jimi's whispers lacing the guitar strings of her tracks with otherworld rainbow breath and a moondust afrodisiac from starflowers en bloom. There is something truly beautiful about Tenderhead.

Visit her beyond the blooming Blue Kemetian Lily at the foot of pyramids glowing violet-blue beneath the muted light of Mother Moon...




Mighty nice writeup about Tenderhead at (the album is coming!!!!!!!!):

The post is dated October 21st, and is entitled: " The OOZE, Samples Now + Fully Sprung soon..."
if you need to put it in search.

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