Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogging For Justice

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Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition
Presents Day of Blogging for Justice
Meet our Bloggers for Justice

“Day of Blogging for Justice” Thursday August 30th

The Jena 6 issue, like Katrina, highlights deference in people’s treatment. “The Jim Crow style racism and government negligence, reflected in the Jena 6 case, are both quite worrisome. Unfortunately, the case is another incident that points to the entrenched racial and socio-economic disparities in the South, which this country has yet to fully confront,” says political scientist Dr. Sekou Franklin of Middle Tennessee State University. As the Congressional Black Caucus has noted “we must speak out against injustice and inequality. This tale of two standards depicts a pattern of gross violations”.

The Afrosphere Jena 6 Coalition “ask that the mainstream traditional media step forward and discharge their duty to provide coverage of this vitally important event to their viewers and readers and act as “the fourth institution” of governmental “checks and balance” that constitutional framers intended the press to be.”

Join us and Blog for the Jena 6 this Thursday.
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