Wednesday, August 1, 2007

When Impeachment Is Certain, Some Folks Resign...

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(note from Pz:I'm almost positive now that Impeachment is coming)

"Dump Dick Day Video Contest"

August 9th is the anniversary of the day President Richard Nixon resigned to avoid certain impeachment. Please plan now to mark the day with ceremonies, solemn or silly. We need to remind America that the proper use of impeachment did not traumatize our nation, but healed it. There was a common saying at the time: "the system worked."

Bush and Cheney have now surpassed Nixonian levels of disapproval. They have openly committed abuses for which the House Judiciary Committee passed articles of impeachment against Nixon, such as refusing to comply with subpoenas. They have openly violated laws put into place in response to Nixon's abuses, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They have siezed unconstitutional power in ways Nixon never attempted, by rewriting laws with signing statements. And Cheney and Bush have committed far more serious crimes, including misleading the nation into war, kidnapping, torture, and murder.

When Congress finally stood up to Nixon, he was gone in 3 months. (And that was with evidence of crimes still needing to be discovered, unlike today when it is already known). The Democrats won the biggest victories in recent memory in the elections that followed their decision to uphold the Constitution. In contrast, when they took the impeachment of President Ronald Reagan off the table, in order to win elections, they proceeded to lose.

$1,000 Prize for Best Video:

Please submit your best video comparing Richard Nixon and Richard Cheney.
Deadline: 12 noon ET, August 9th - the historic moment when Nixon resigned.

note from PZ: Please cut and paste then spread this in bulletins, blog entries and etc. Let's remind everyone how easy it is to get rid of vermin in the Whitehouse.
Flex your Citizen musles.

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