Monday, August 6, 2007

The Modern Shaman- Indigo and Crystal Starchildren

The first many heard of Indigo children was from a book written by Doreen Virtue which offered another reason for the rebellious behavior the current generation of children has exhibited. Her writings along with many others that are available describe Indigo Children as child prodigies who come to this plane knowing what they want to do, while fiercely rebelling against outworn fear-based systems, and other boxes that inhibit the spirit. They began coming to Earth in the early 1920's (thought possibly before), 1970's and recently along with Crystal Children, who are the more compassionate version of the Indigo Starchild (Indigo Children have more of a warrior spirit and streak of benevolent intolerance for corrupt principles while Crystals are more focused on unconditional love).

Being extremely intuitive and Empathic, life on this plane can be very difficult for an Indigo, and some sites have taken it upon themselves to create a stronger sense of self for Indigo children and adults alike.

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Many have documented heavy numbers of Indigos in the Eastern areas, such as China.

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