Saturday, September 1, 2007

Indiefied - Fabulous Femcees

When I first ran across Superlover Shania D. (see our earlier post), I was impressed and thankful that she was reppin' the femme spin circuit. Overtime, the desire to find more female DJ's grew within me, and the following starter list of Fabulous Femcees is the result.

Enjoy ^_^

DJ Aura Hails from Philly, and shares:

"I'm one of those Ebony Earth Divas. Yes I burn lots nag champa, and I'm prone to wear a head wrap every now and then. I dig independent films, vegetarian cusine, and thrift store shopping. HIP-HOP is my first true love. WARNING!!! I'm a serious hip-hop head. If you're looking for an intense cipher you've come to the right page. I consider myself a quasi-social introvert. Most of the time I prefer to chill at the crib reading, watching a movie, or building with fam. But I try to get out whenever I get a chance. Even this hermit can't resist a jumping party. "

DJ Mirandom
hails from Harlem NY, and shares:

"I never planned on making a living as a deejay. It happened sort of by accident. So here’s the story…….. My mom was a deejay when I was real little. I can remember digging threw her old records finding Aretha and Grace Jones and saying “these are mine” carefully placing them in “my pile”. Music and art have always been a huge part of my life but it took me a while 2 figure out what 2 do with myself."

DJ BlackRainbow
hails from Bristol, England, and shares:

"I've been playing Asian underground, global beats and grooves, drum n bass, two-step etc for the last 6 years! After running a number of club, benefit and pub nights in Norwich and my own community radio show, Universal Rhythms World Tour, on Future Radio in 2005 I headed to the mild mild west and am now working in the Bristol area. As well as club, festival and radio performances in the UK, I have also travelled to the U.S. to take my own asian beats and bass style overseas including performances for the fabulously queer Charm City Kitty Club in Baltimore. I am queer and of mixed parentage (so I get bonus "scene" points - and so do you if you become my friend!!!) fusing Pakistani, Irish and English and it is my belief that music is a universal language that can build bridges between people and communities. I also believe that the mainstream music industry doesn't often allow room for free musical expression, and hence inhibits dialogue and communication between peoples. This serves to further divide us, alienate us and create endless "others". The music I play, promote, dance to, cry to, laugh to isn't always "popular" or "cool", but I often think it is music that people don't know they already love. For this reason I became a DJ and promoter, not for the "I am" but the "we are" - watching a dancefloor mixed of all ages, cultures, backgrounds dancing, smiling, and sweating together is soul lifting. It gives us hope."