Friday, March 7, 2008

Alexander Supertramp

Christopher Johnson McCandless, may he rest in peace, was a man of rare vision in his time, whose life is an inspiration, and revelation all in the same telling. The movie 'Into the Wild', captures his life, revealing his conscious spirit, sharing the humanity that drove him to rebuke social convention, and embrace truth over the trappings of luxury his parents wished to extend to him.
Studying the social injustices of the Motherland, and African politics in college, he later donated his savings of 24,000.00 to Oxfam America, with the wish that the hungry be fed, and stepped out into the world shedding his birth name, and taking on another after meeting a couple who called themselves 'Rubber Tramps', because they did their journeying in a brightly colored bus, as opposed to leather tramps who did their traveling mostly on foot.

He would go on to meet and stir the hearts of many that he came into contact with, from fellow wanderlusts to an old man who lived alone leather working in his workshop and would later desire to adopt Alexander Supertramp as his grandson. Alexander eventually found, as fate would have it, a 'magic bus' in his desire to reach Alaska. Before the film reveals that he has referred to it this way, it's magical nature is already apparent on film.

Alexander transcended much there, and most notably he came to know that 'Happiness is shared', before he rose above this material plane from the magic bus and joined the universe again, in spirit.

May his pure heart rest in peace, and much peace be upon his family.


leah- new zealand said...

I am in awe of this man and his beautiful and ugly story he gave to us.. The ugly truth we would rather not see in ours and others lives and the beauty of his journey to discover his humanity and his true place in this f**d up planet.I wish i could of met Chris or Alex? which ever name he would have prefered and talked with him a while.. I enjoyed watching the biographical movie into the wild and i sat my teenage kids down and made them watch it to their dismay but non the less they were engrossed and soaked it all in. Maybe they will learn something from alex supertramps liberated life that was sadly cut short.. I never met the man but strangely il miss him..

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Leah ^_^

I was sincerely moved by the spirit of this man. He's an example of courage and desire for true identity.
I applaud you for sitting your kids down and educating them. With all of the garbage in the media that children are subjected to, it's the responsibility of parents now more than ever to be sure our children receive the inspiration they need to develop healthy perspectives.

Shine on

Will said...

For me it is not admiration, but envy. The life of a leather tramp is true freedom. I am this close to doing a he did.