Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes!!! has come to save the POD day

Lulu eat your heart out. I prayed for this, and even posted my hopes that someone would save us from and provide us with a viable competitor who could offer affordable quality printing on demand.

Good news. There here. Better news, they're with Amazon.
I truly am psychic or they heard my call.

Booksurge is decent, but Createspace takes it one step further with options for those who don't want to pay to publish. Createspace provides free ISBN's, offering a pay package but not requiring one. This is a breakthrough for Indie authors and producers of multimedia goods. Shine on.

Peep their dimension


Danielle said...

This is so great for you and Maji!

When you follow your bliss, this is what happens. Everything falls into place when it is needed.

Could this work for the Purple Mag too?

In light and love,


PurpleZoe said...

We're definitely thinking this will be the new platform for Purple Mag and future cross-promotional goodies ^_^
It's very groovy business and an opportunity I've been yearning for.

Lulu was a great idea, but they were over-priced and began to grow a little big in the britches. Competitors have a way of reminding companies to reevaluate themselves.

Createspace offers what indie's need and provides it for prices that aren't insane, but can actually be afforded. Now all these zines can sell their color issues for 8.00 or under, where lulu would have charged approx. 17.00 for about 56 pages and that's just to print one.