Monday, March 10, 2008

Indiefied- Dazjae Zoem

Releasing her Original/Black/Multicultural Faerie volumes (originally released in 2006 through very indie means) in one Omnibus this Month Dazjae Zoem promises there will be extras in the ebook download version. The download will be time-limited and released after the Beta versions are distributed to Beta readers and reviewers.The print Omnibus will be released later this year. It's possible an audiobook offered in installments will also be available shortly.

A press release is due in coming days detailing the download information and other details.
Keep an eye on UltravioletUnderground for more on this positive Underrepresented archetype restoring series.
Keep an eye out for an excerpt from Maji: The Magik Volumes 1-3

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