Thursday, March 27, 2008 Shows Love to UltravioletUnderground

Aww Shucks.
We found a friendly note from
in our message box and we're all a blush.

Visit the lovely page they've shared:

Blogs we've found there that
we'd also like to mention (expect updates):

Obsolete World is magnificent. Click the first image to visit.

Other Cherished Blog mentions:



Danielle said...

You know I saw a link from blogged to my site too.;}

I had to let my love be known with a review of the UU.

I have been so busy studying for a math midterm so I had to put Maji on the shelf but I cannot wait to return.

You have created a modern myth.

I couldn't believe when I learned of Joseph Campbell for the first time. It was like validation for all my personal and spiritual theories.

You surely are following your bliss and you shine.

Campbell expressed that we need new myths and they will be the creatives that will provide tales of morality that will lift our collective spirits high toward our divinely procured potentials.

You are a myth maker. Thank you for so openly sharing your spirit.

Much, much love


PurpleZoe said...

Their tag line is: Find better blogs.

Nice accolades being mentioned by them.

Good fortune with your finals. I can only imagine the preparation...

Also, thankyou for the positive vibrations you share. Seriously. They are appreciated.

I'm a mythmaker am I?
*heart beams*

I hoped to create something that offers a reminder to the Global Village that we can get rid of those racist, sexist, homophobic poisoned tales, and start creating myths that empower and unify.

It means the world to me that I have possibly achieved that.


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