Thursday, March 6, 2008

Green Alleys

Cities across the country are creating communal environments in urban neighborhood alleys by setting up shops, cafe's and what appear to be friendly green spaces for the benefit of the community, according to Metropolis Magazine. In Baltimore for instance, an ordinance passed locally allows residents to gate and greenify their alley spaces. The three year project is spearheaded by a program called the Community Greens.

“Many people think that an age is marked by innovators, but, in fact, it’s marked by the ideas we take for granted,” director Kate Herrod says, referencing Stanford law professor Lawrence Les­sig. In our age, Herrod argues, that perniciously accepted idea is privatization. “Capitalism is a great thing,” she says, “but some of our civic virtues are eroding.”

Amen to that for certain.

Judging from the pic these green spaces are rather spiffy.

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cooper said...

The guy who helps me with the Darfur blog plan green cities, and my father is what is considered a green architect and engineer. It's all dear to my heart, I love the potential in it all though.

PurpleZoe said...

It has such beautiful potential, and despite the insane levels of corruption in government, I believe this is the direction we're headed in.

Folks, like you and your writing partner, Yobachi, Danielle an ModernMusings and others I've been coming across everyday, are making all the difference by speaking with a conscious voice. It inspires and teaches people who wouldn't have thought to use their power for needed change.
Overtime there will be more. They're learning from the ones who are standing now.

Thanks for stopping through Coop ^_^
Much Respect SisterStar