Monday, March 24, 2008

Which Community Does The NAACP Serve?

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Not only did it take the NAACP (and Reverend Sharpton for that matter) forever to do something for our youth in Jena, they are also proving themselves nothing more than a political shell run by individuals who may no longer be sane. Behavior like the NAACP is showing in the Dunbar VIllage issue makes me wonder if the people pulling the strings in the NAACP are even people of color. Are the same self-hating mechanisms now installed in the NAACP that we have seen with BET? In this day and age it's more than possible.

The Black Community does not support rapists, so why is the NAACP supporting the Dunbar rapists? These men do not deserve our protection. Our Innocent Children, Women, and Men do. How can an organization claiming to be for the advancement of people of Color, support rapists that gangraped a Mother and then forced her to engage in sexual acts with her child, threatening the purity of their connection?

We at UltravioletUnderground are outraged and denounce this foolishness of the NAACP. It is sickening and makes a mockery of those of us who stand for true justice and equality. Sane people will come to the aid of the youth in the Black community facing imprisonment imposed because of a schoolyard fight that normally wouldn't warrant jailtime if not for their cultural roots. We will stand for our wrongfully imprisoned brothers and sisters.


Call them and let them know how you feel 1-877-NAACP98

Thankyou What About Our Daughters and
Villager for Reporting on this issue.

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