Friday, March 7, 2008

Solar Healing

In addition to vaccinations being linked to autism (considering they contain animal dna that can enter the human genome, mercury and according to true data were introduced as virus outbreaks were already on the decline... see the documentaries, vaccinations aren't likely necessary, ask the Amish who are perfectly healthy and autism free without them), scientists studying lack of vitamin d indicate that sunrays provide our needed amount of it in 15 minutes a day of direct exposure sans the sunscreen. Vitamin D deficiency is being said to be the culprit behind heart disease, depression, autism and other ailments.

You're probably not surprised, considering holistic cures like hyper-oxygenation have proven enough oxygen in the blood cures HIV, cancer and other viruses. Both of these non-mainstream treatments are natural (of course most of us already know nature provides EVERYTHING we need) and would not profit 'the man' so you might only hear about this in evolved countries or in humble rags like ours.

Go figure.

Thanks Mom, for the heads up ^_^

In Eastern Medicine, The Sun is related to the heart, which is connected to the flow of blood and levels of oxygen. Beautiful how everything is provided for our needs in creation aye? Let's all show our respect for nature and behave as greenly as possible.


Vee said...

Keep posts like this going, I have to constantly remind and retrain my brain. There's so much programming out there to keep you drugged up. Staying disciplined with your diet can some times be difficult but hopefully I'll get better with time. I'm going to post of few health related posts in the near future.

Some folks will resist with all of their might and continue to vaccinate and ignore the possibilities of nature. EVEN after they see real results and convince themselves that they can never do "that" thing.

PurpleZoe said...

I hear you. I check myself more regularly now but have my moments of weakness. The societal conditioning is definitely thick.
I have to avoid television and watch episodes of select shows with eyes wide open where they can be found online, for that reason. Definitely looking forward to your health posts.

I subscribe to Dr. Mercola also. He posts some useful information from time to time.