Sunday, March 16, 2008

Raw Unpasteurized MIlk Announced as Healthy

The demand for raw milk is on the rise in the US where dairies that are licensed to sell raw milk has grown from 12 to 23 within only a few years. The Northeast Organic Farming Association advises consumers place calls to them every week looking for the locations of dairies who sell natural unpasteurized milk.

Does this means the Food and Drug administrations warning that raw milk carries disease-causing bacteria is wrong? Afterall raw milk is only currently sold in 28 states, and of that only 8 states allow its sale in stores.
Scientific reports and anecdotal sources support the health benefits in studies such as the one provided by the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Basel which concluded youth drinking raw milk had lower risk of asthma and allergies.
Advocates say raw milk contains good bacteria (if you're familiar with probiotics you know some folks take capsules to replenish their bodies with good bacteria), enyzmes and fats that aid digestion as well as boost the immune system.

It may take sometime to unlearn the modern myths that have sent us running from some of the healthiest natural offerings out there, and even when we utilize what nature has provided in typical mass production, it has been disrespected in this society making the issue of dairy a question of ethics if you choose to purchase milk from farms where cows are mistreated, given unhealthy and uncomfortable conditions, and not fed grass but given synthetic answers to natures intended cycle...



Danielle said...

All the milk I consumed in India was unpasteurized and it did me no harm.

You hit the nail on the head with the term modern myth. Modern meaning corporate unfortunately.

I shone my spotlight on you, my muse.

PurpleZoe said...

There's so much we have to relearn. Thank goodness the intel's available. It's a sign surely of the positive direction we are headed in despite the sabotage.

Also, thankyou for your post. I am so humbled and shy about the whole thing I barely know what to say. It means alot coming from you, and I appreciate it muchly ^_^

Much Love SisterStar
Shine on.