Monday, March 17, 2008

Limited Edition Download Available for Dazjae Zoem's Maji

Update (1/2009): The full of title of Maji, is 'The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus'. To avoid brand confusion (with two other books of similar title) moving forward the omnibus will be printed and listed with the full title (this should be finalized shortly on the Amazon page).

As reported in a press release issued last week Dazjae Zoem's Maji Omnibus is available for download as a BETA reader pdf copy. You can download the omnibus at the top of the UltravioletUnderground sidebar until the link disappears. We do not have information as to how long the ebook will be available for a free download, but there are instructions in the sidebar if the link disappears and the limited edition becomes unavailable through that link.

Thankyou for your interest in conscious cultural offerings.
Be conscious with the minds of the youth.

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Danielle said...

I am in 60 pages and love it so far. You are a great writer.

There are so many truthful themes entwined in these pages.

A fantasy that is based on true reality.

It is so awesome that I'm on spring break so I can absorb this tale.

In light and love, my muse


Dazjae said...


Tremendous thanks.
It can be nervewracking putting your art out there and waiting for feedback ^_^

I never get nausea from nerves and I was nauseous this morning.


I am so happy your enjoying it.

It's meant to be a healer. If I've accomplished that I've succeeded.

Much Love and Light SisterStar

Danielle said...

I know exactly how you feel, my sweet.

I will be reviewing Maji like I would any other piece of literature for school but here are some casual observations...

I really love the way that you describe skin with color. It is so important to see the light in the dark as they are one in the same. Your description of dark skin being an embodiment of the sun is so powerful, so very powerful and I have never read any description that captures that including those of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker.

Mial is not perfect which is so important in a main character. This is art reflecting life but many authors create characters that are so perfect one cannot relate to them.

I can relate to Mial in so many ways, a young girl that is so full of knowledge, real knowledge but lacks experience putting theory into reality. This is the source of her insecurity at times and her indecisiveness.

I knew something was up with Persephone as soon as she was introduced and can't wait to see who or what is controlling her.

There are many themes showing themselves even from the beginning. Mial as a creator became a master, so easily. When we create anything we run into the potential problem of trying to control our creation instead of letting it manifest into it's own essence. We, mothers can relate to that conundrum pretty easily.

You really did well and I cannot wait to read more.

In light and love,


Dazjae said...

I am so humbled and thankyou for sharing your view of the skin tone descriptions. Its so important that everyone get to a place where they can see the magik and beauty in every culture, person, and state of being. It affects everyone when there is lack of representation, or criminalization of imagery.
In this way Maji is equal opportunity fantasy (hopefully that's not too corny a decription ^_^). I really hope it can influence new ways of seeing diversity, and install better a mythological lens for viewing diverse forms in exalted archetypes. I hope the styles of the volumes succeed in that goal.

It's an entirely new world 'taking the leap', which requires adjustment. It was a very quiet indie effort when I made them available individually. I have a newfound respect for authors and other artists that have extended their heartworks unselfishly to the world, especially in eras that were colder and less embracing of new potentially establishment breaking molds.

Have bliss in your sphere, SisterStar
Extremely humbled and grateful