Monday, March 24, 2008

Indie.Arie Founds Label

Along with Universal Republic Records, India.Arie has founded Soulbird music, a major label that has signed India's background singer, Anthony David. Anthony's debut album 'Acey Deucey' will arrive in June of this year online and in record stores. Described as a combination of Bill Withers and Mos Def, Anthony David's contribution to mainstream music is highly anticipated.

Props to India.Arie for making moves that can add an independently minded spin to the machine.

Thanks Soulbounce


Derilyn said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't know that she started her own label.

PurpleZoe said...

Anytime. Thanks for stopping through.
An India.Arie label is a beacon of hope in the current musical climate.
If Anthony David is a sign of artists to come, Soulbird music could end up legendary.