Monday, March 24, 2008

The Value of HomeSchooling

Behind the Illusion
wrote an inspiring blog regarding homeschooling and the protection it needs from the community. We must maintain our rights to educate our children at home or in homeschooling groups. Period.
Many of us know its long been time for us to pull children from school for safety reasons alone, but it has taken longer than it should for it to catch on. Fortunately we can thank iconic personas for sharing grassroot wisdoms with folks who would have otherwise remained oblivious of their importance.

Badu is one example of a conscious parent, currently homeschooling 7 children in her home, because she knows the value of carefully prepared education for the youth. In reality, we should all be considering this as schools continue to dumb down the children, creating a generation of mindless consumers and an embarrassment in the Global village. Children of color especially require education that includes the contribution of Motherland ancestry in the Motherland Diaspora and other underrepresented groups of color, into the curriculum for more than one month per annum.

We can be thankful also that special groups have come together for people of color to provide resource information and a networking collective to parents interested in giving their children the best chance possible to cultivate their minds and potential.

Visit the African American Homeschoolers Network here

But keep your eye on legislation.
Be sure to be a part of votes that are announced publicly and 'of a sudden' that could endanger our freedom to educate our children according to our wisdom as parents. Keep your eye on The Mothers bill and related nonsense while you're at it, to make sure parental rights stay where they belong; in the hands of the parents, not drug corporations or their creepy overpaid friends. Afterall the government is finally admitting what they've done to our children with vaccinations. Not all of them could handle the thermasol. Many are autistic thanks to government regulations... Time to restructure society folks. Take your part in the political process and lend your voice.


dropped a gem on us that can shed some light on the 'educational process' our children are subjected to when we don't homeschool. Click his name to visit his dimension.


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10-4. Http://
I've been running into opinion that the "state educational process" is geared to producing compliant little consumers who don't know anything different than what the "Media" blathers about in its hate-filled divisive rounds. Thought you might chew on this - not that it would be a surprise

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Many thanks for stopping through and sharing that link. I'll update the post with it.

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