Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Indiefied- Valvin Roane

Valvin Roane's voice has the warm, hearty texture of a man with the strength, awareness, and humility to admit that he is vulnerable. This is the kind of artist that makes women who know their worth pass out in the front rows of concerts, and erect posters on the walls of their homes. V is for grown folks, and conscious youth alike. His depths are smoothly stated, allowing the flow of feeling, and lyrical sincerity to take over the listener, totally and completely.

The industry is sleepin'.
They can catch five fingers to the cheek in this case.
Who the hell are they hiring to find talent???
Oh... I forgot, they want to dumb down the public.
Nourished people are a threat to 'The Game'...

As Brig Feltus says: We don't need musical junkfood. Choose to be a Musical Activist (paraphrased- Check issue May 2007 for exact wording).

Visit his dimension
(V's album 'The Revelation Is Now Televised' can be purchased through his profile)

Thanks Detrel for the heads up

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