Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vinegar: The Force 'They' Don't Want You To Know About

If you're like most world citizens, you have probably been fed your ideas by big business cronies who have influenced your ideals on many levels, including what you consider to be a real 'cleaning' solution in your homes.
So you probably didn't know Vinegar was capable of:

Killing of Bacteria, Mold & Germs

Cutting Grease

Cleaning Floors

Cleaning Windows

Deodorizing toilet bowls

Removing Mineral scale buildup

Fabric softening

Cleaning Furniture

Clearing Drains

Cleaning Brass

Cleaning Cuts/Bites

Cleaning within the body

Prewashing fruits and veggies

Color rinsing to bring out highlights in your locks

Ensuring Feminine Hygiene

Soothing Itching

Soothing Gastric Reflux

and Vanquishing Hiccups to name a few

Fortunately, now you do, and you can visit the Source link below for elaborate detail on this wine-derived cleaner's prowess which can help you remove even more toxic chemicals from your daily routine ^_^

Nature is grand.
For those of you adventuroues greenies, you can make the wine er... vinegar in your domestic lab very easily with Plums (or fruits though some require yeast in addition to them), and sugar. Google for more info.


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Invisible Woman said...

Love apple cider vinegar; it is a miracle in a bottle.