Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prescription Drugs In Tap Water????

So in addition to the growth hormones in milk, and a myriad of other dangers in our food supply, we have to be concerned with the recycled levels of prescription drugs that aren't adequately treated out of the water we use? I would ask what the quality of life is coming to in 'modern' society, but we all see the writing on the wall.

It is disgusting that those of us who choose to stay away from manufactured drugs utilized in the mental health industry often in place of therapeutic measures as a quickfix, are subjected to them anyways along with our children via the public water supply. What's worse is that these chemicals along with antibiotics have made their way into the groundwater, which means... It's being recycled even in nature itself according to some researchers. Is it any wonder children are developing breasts in the 2nd grade and starting their menstrual cycles at the same time?

This is madness.

Add a water filter to your sink and be sure to change the filter on time. This measure is another necessary addition to the frontline of your body's defense against the garbage society would have it take in.

A potentially adequate water filter can be found through the link below:



Invisible Woman said...

Girl--I haven't trusted tap in years, and always laughed at reports that said it was fine. How could that ever be possible? In New York I would see a cloud floating to the bottom when they served you water in a restaurant.

This mess is no surprise to me.

PurpleZoe said...

It's frustrating.
I knew the water wasn't right but my mind didn't even consider we were ingesting prescription drugs that have passed through the system of the people who took them.
That's some scary sh---.