Saturday, March 1, 2008

Embrace Your Truth

This month's affirmation focus comes from a character with a hero's heart, whose words were kept alive by the people who loved him in the movie 'Things we lost in the fire' (recommended---very well done). 'Accept the good' is a statement that encapsulates something we can all strive to put into practice.
How often do we attract things we do not truly want, only to struggle with the presence of these attracted energies that we seem to keep calling back to us and somehow unwittingly embrace? We can only use the excuse that our conditioned perspectives are given to us by society to a point when facing these issues. It is true we've been set up to be non-thinkers in large part by society, but once we realize our mental operating system is running off of borrowed/imposed thoughts, the responsibility to seek our true identity becomes fully ours. Your true identity resonates with those things that sincerely make your heart glow. What positivity makes you light up?

Embrace it. It's [already] yours.

Monthly Affirmation:

I accept the good.

Monthly Totem: Frog says:

Because the frogs eyes bulge out from the sides of the head they are able to see in nearly all directions. This provides them with excellent depth perception. Frogs have a well developed sense of hearing. Behind each eye is a large disked membrane, an external eardrum that picks up sound waves and transmits them to the inner ear and then to the brain. This coupled with their exceptional sight give them both clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities.

The frog produces sound similar to the way humans do by forcing air from the lungs over the vocal cords. Their variety of complex calls from ribbets to croaks associates it with language. Those with this totem have the potential to take command of the spoken word and are often bilingual.
Scientists believe that the health of frog populations reflect the health of the eco system as a whole. When approached by a predator, the frog lowers its head, elevates its rump thus confronting the predator with a seemingly much larger head.

Because frogs are found in water and on land they hold the magic of both. Water has long been associated with emotional cleansing. Mud the combination of earth and water is used in healing therapies to rid the body of toxins.
The frog is a totem of metamorphosis. Most frogs undergo a two stage life cycle. Eggs hatch into tadpoles which grow and eventually become adults. This signifies the awakening of ones creativity. When frog leaps into a persons life it is an invitation to jump into their creative power. To do this it is helpful to know which stage of life you are presently in. By studying the characteristics of the frog the discovery of your present life cycle is known.

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