Sunday, March 30, 2008

Black Bloggers Take Civil Rights Organizations To Task

Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article earlier this week, acknowledging the refusal on behalf of Black Bloggers to tolerate the decisions made by Reverend Sharpton and the NAACP regarding the Dunbar Village Rapists.

He quoted very important online voice Gina Mccauley, Author of What about our daughter's and Attorney, who said:

"For Sharpton and the NAACP to come out and recklessly say we need to free these guys because some white guys over in Boca Raton are out on bail is just unconscionable. We've lost our way in the civil rights movement. When in every case, no matter what an African-American is in custody for, we automatically start screaming about unfairness—even when they are in custody to protect the black community from them."

She makes one crucial point that many us involved in blog activism for this issue
stand firmly upon:

"I've concluded that we can expect no leadership on the issues that are of concern to African-Americans today from these traditional civil rights groups," McCauley said. "It's at least equally important to address black-on-black violence, and it's not being addressed at all."

Reverend Sharpton stepped back and changed direction this week after speaking with a blogger activist about the mistaken direction of defending the Dunbar rapists this week during his radio show. The NAACP's West Palm Beach branch run by Maude Ford Lee and other branches however seem content to ignore the reality of their egregious error in judgment.
Raise your voices and make for sure Black on Black violence is addressed by our Civil Rights Leaders. To ignore the crime in our communities is foolish and dangerous. We must be sure we act with justice concerning black on black crime, just as swiftly as we will act to secure justice in crimes of race-hate. Simple and plain.

Thankyou Villager for the intel

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