Monday, March 3, 2008

The Curious Bazaar- Bfly Wears

There is very slick mojo from B-flywears gracing the virtual dimensions of Etsy.
In all its crocheted glory, B-flywears is not your average indie boutique. Offering technicolor bags, illustrously patterned caps for your locks, and even insanely unique crocheted suburbans, Bflywears doesn't half-step with customers.

Incredible creativity has landed here. Enjoy.

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Enjoy her on Sojournals.

Visit the Virtual Boutique

B-flywears' Blog


lady said...

i so appreciate the write up. you put a smile on my face.

blessed love,

PurpleZoe said...

Its a sincere pleasure. Your doing your thing Sister Star.
Stay Fly