Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day of Blogging For Voter Justice

In solidarity with the Afrosphere Action Coalition's petition and Blogging Day for Voter Justice, I offer these thoughts:

Despite appearances, we have grown as a global community. There would be no other reason for the persistent dumbing down of the public we have seen in full-force recently. An intelligent, unbiased leader seems to be the last thing the upper 1% want to see.
But it's not about the upper 1%. They've had their time. It's time for the common people to rise. Entrusting our collective power to corporate families has helped us create a society with a toxic, dying environment, overworked parents, and overly sexualized lonely children raised in large part by the television, who have become anesthetized to and celebratory over violent imagery while continuing to become more isolated and less aware of what reality is, let alone a loving community and family unit. This country is not thriving. It has been in crisis for some time.

Personally, I would not entrust it to a race-baiter, or any among the gluttonously wealthy. We know better now. Hillary has shown us she will pull the race card, and in doing this she has lost the respect of the many in all cultures. She also continues to push and push for what politico.com so wisely describes as a myth. She cannot win the election at this point, but her ego will not allow her to let the rightful candidate win? Will she truly jeopardize the race for the democratic party because she's a sore loser and possibly a closet racist?
I have said for a while that she's a Republican in Democrat's clothing.
She's proving that for us.

It is time for Hillary Clinton to step down. It would have been wonderful to have an honorable women president, but Hillary did not bring honor with her.

Read the official press release

Click the image below to sign the petition asking Hillary to step down


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Right on! Thanks for giving all of your readers a concrete way to say, "Concede Now, Hillary!", telling both Hillary and the super-delegates how we feel by signing the petition.

I hope the press picks up on our determination, because they know and we know and the super-delegates know that there's NO WAY Hillary can win now, or in 2012 (which may be her real target) without Black votes. And her ticket with Black voters had been punched.

PurpleZoe said...

Thanks for stopping through ^_^
It's definitely time for her to save whatever bit of face she has left. She let her mask slip, and everyone has seen it...