Sunday, November 30, 2008

Undoing Foreclosures Legally

Ezine - It is rare to find such a knowledgeable judge working for government that puts the interest of the individual over the financial interests of the banks and their system of credit and money creation. Homeowners facing foreclosure should absolutely be aware of this case and the arguments, but taking any of this as actual legal advice should be warned against.

I first stumbled across the very curious case of Jerome Daly through an article by Ellen Brown, author of the book Web of Debt. It concerns a foreclosure case in Minnesota in 1968 that has yet to be overturned, and the issues go straight to the heart of the sleight of hand that the banking system is built upon. The case also presents an optimistic view of how individuals can take back the power to create money from the private banks.

Jerome Daly was a homeowner living in Minnesota who stopped paying his mortgage. The lender, First National Bank of Montgomery, of course, sued the man for foreclosure. Daly presented his argument before a jury as to why he did not owe the bank anything.

Essentially, he argued that the bank had not provided any consideration for Daly's promise to pay back the loan. Consideration is one of the requirements for a valid contract, and without it, a contract is void. Daly was arguing that the mortgage contract was void and did not need to be repaid because the bank had not actually given him any money. The lender had created the money out of thin air in response to the promise to repay the loan.

This credit, argued Daly, was not real money that counted as consideration and therefore did not need to be paid back. Without valid consideration, the mortgage contract was null and void and nothing was owed to the bank. Astoundingly enough, the jury agreed with him and declared that the mortgage was not a valid contract.

The judge and a representative testifying on behalf of the bank also agreed with Daly's argument, in effect. The bank's president, Mr. Morgan, admitted that the money did not exist until Daly was given the mortgage, and the money was created out of thin air.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Audiovisual Splendor-

Enjoy some recent offerings from the glittered realm of independent thought and expression.

Skillz- For Real

Jamie Foxx feat. T.I.- Just Like Me


Gym Class Heroes-
Guilty As Charged

Laura Izibor-
From My Heart To Yours

Osunlade- Ur

Props to Wisdom

Little Dragon- Fortune

I Can't Stand The Rain

Props to Nathalie of ThinkTank Mktg

Grazi Couch Sessions

The Wonders Of Hemp Captured In Talking Tree Form

Hemp Milk is one of the flyest vegan milks out there in my opinion, but availability is not all that in this neck of the woods. The HempNut cookbook is looking like the move right about now. There is always mailorder for needed supplies...

Click the image to get yours.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The State of Gratitude

Gratitude day is a meatless/green alternative to the genocidal roots of Thanksgiving, that we've celebrated for 3 years now (Gratitude day can be celebrated on the 23, 24, thru the 27th, and also as an alternative to other holidays with questionable roots).
As part of Gratitude day we enjoyed a meatless feast that was rather fly, and lit a candle in honor of the Divine, our Ancestors, and the ones who came before us seeding the world with light in general. We gave tremendous thanks for the freedom fighters.

It's been a good day. Our household is very grateful for the honesty in our home, the sanctuary, and above all: the love.

In keeping with the Gratitude Day tradition of adding a page to the Gratitude book, Q and I have listed the following in ours:

"My gratitude journal consists of the things I like about gratitude day.
I like the fact that we don't eat meat. I like the fact that we honor our ancestry. I l like the prayer we make to our ancestors,and those that came before us.I would also desire to give thanks to my brothers and sister and, all others who have suffered oppression and segregation. I thank you all who have endured in the struggle. "

"In addition to my gratitude for creation and Divine guidance in general, I give deep thanks for the freedom fighters who have sacrificed their lives and freedom, and given an example that is an enduring inspiration which leads us to assume the master and warrior stance for the sanctuary of identity and community."

Shine your heartlight.

Audiovisual Splendor- Oortkuiper 'Astrobiology'

Extra slick.

Props to StreetKnowledge

Say it ain't so Herbivore.

Just as I was getting ready to subscribe to the righteous word of Herbivore magazine, I hear their necessary indieness is coming to a close, as they move onto other endeavors and conclude their publishing of the magazine this year.
It is a sad moment for the vegan realm, but we are grateful for the efforts made by Herbivore, and we're glad there will be back issues and other projects.

Shine on Greenies.

Fake Meat With Altered DNA On Your Dinner Table? FDA Set To Say Yes.

(NaturalNews) Genetically Engineered grains have been in existence for several years, amidst many concerns from various organizations and individuals. Now, the FDA is set to approve Genetically Engineered Animals to be introduced into the food chain.

Ever since the beginning of Genetically Engineered grains, controversy has surrounded their safety. The Sierra Club initiated a national petition against Monsanto's genetically engineered wheat.

The Organic Consumers organization is equally against genetically engineered grains stating "Campaign activists are also demanding that corporations and governments heed the concerns of consumers, North and South, and remove genetically engineered corn and other foods and crops from the market, unless they can be proven to be safe for human health and the environment. Recently hundreds of US consumers have reported allergic reactions to the FDA after eating Kraft and other brand name products likely containing genetically engineered corn."

The Organic Consumers website also brings into light a potential cover-up by Monsanto not noticed by the FDA. A German court ordered Monsanto to make public a controversial 90 day study on rats that reported the animals fed genetically modified (GM) corn developed "allergies (increased basophils), in response to infections, toxins and various diseases including cancer (increased lymphocytes and white blood cells), and in the presence of anemia (decreased reticulocyte count) and blood pressure problems (decreased kidney weights). There were also increased blood sugar levels, kidney inflammation, liver and kidney lesions, and other changes."

Now, the FDA is set to approve genetically engineered animals into the human food chain. From the FDA website: "Genetic engineering generally refers to the use of recombinant DNA (rDNA) techniques to introduce new characteristics or traits into an organism. When scientists splice together pieces of DNA and introduce a spliced DNA segment into an organism to give the organism new properties, it's called rDNA technology. The spliced piece of DNA is called the rDNA construct. A GE animal is one that contains an rDNA construct intended to give the animal new characteristics or traits."

The FDA plans to classify GE animals as a 'drug' until food products from these animals are recognized as safe.
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Am I Not Human: Congo

It wasn't until Congo week that I realized people are dying in the Congo for the shiny wireless devices that have made our lives convenient. The coltan used in wireless devices like cell phones and laptops is a product of the Congo, but the Congolese do not benefit from the sale of it, nor do they even enjoy safety or basic resource needs despite the wealth of their land which is raped savagely by Western interests, while stirred up wars have continued in their region, which act as a convenient diversion for those interested in the valuable resources of the Congo, as is usually the case in similar conflicts.

The Sudan, for instance, is rich in oil, and savage depopulation posed as war becomes a distraction while it is procured and distributed. The list goes on. Track a war between rebels and government and look more closely to see which resources are being lifted by the greedy hands of soulless commerce.

On behalf of the people barred from communication whether by denied technology, their governments or both, we ask:

"Africa is suffering because of the West's policy of "divide and rule""

Please help to raise awareness for the Congo:

crossposted at Roots of Humanity

War will never be the seed of peace
-Angela Morelli, Italy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OKP on Ursula Rucker,-activist,-mother.-200811236888/

"Artist. Activist. Mother. Though not necessarily in that order, Ursula Rucker embodies all of those titles with a level of class not seen among most rebels. But she’ll be the first to tell you that juggling all those monikers is a daily grind, yet a welcome yoke she hoists upon her shoulders in order to teach her kids left from right and sleep at night knowing she’s fulfilling her purpose on this planet. Her new album, Ruckus Soundsysdom, finds her exploring new sonic and lyrical territory with King Britt at the helm as co-executive producer along with Ms. Rucker herself and a handful of talented, female Brooklyn producers. "

Read More at OKP

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John Forte Recieves A Pardon

After receiving an inflated sentence for carrying a package for a friend that he advised he wasn't aware contained illegal contents, a newly pardoned Forte is scheduled for release on December 22 of this year. Throughout his incarceration John turned down a plea deal, and staunchly maintained his innocence. Carly Simon and her son Ben Taylor were loyal supporters petitioning for his release throughout his ordeal.

Though he will still be subject to five years of probation, the pardon which cut his sentence in half, is welcome news for his supporters.

Props to Liberator for the intel

The 4 elements feat. Gym Class Heroes' Travis Mccoy and Amanda Diva


Props to 9 elements

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our power to challenge the secrecy of the Federal Reserve

Props to The bailout opposed by so many Americans was nevertheless negotiated by the Federal Reserve with the help of Congress and the Administration. The final bill for the hotly debated rescue of the rich is over 1 trillion dollars including the ear marks and special interests sops that were included. But this is small change compared to the money that is being pumped into the monetary system by the Federal Reserve without any debate or consent. New money is being printed at record rates, insuring that the currency you have in your pocket will buy less and less everyday. As more people wake up to the threat to American’s future posed by the Federal Reserve, interest is being renewed in the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR2755).

This legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul in June, 2007 would kill the Federal Reserve Act and would then phase out the Federal Reserve altogether one year after the bill becomes law. Although legislators have yet to bring Paul’s bill to the floor, mounting interest in the bill in the face of recent Fed actions suggests it will be revived from its current state of languish in the House Committee on Financial Services.

Although people are just beginning to hear about this proposed legislation in the main stream media, the internet and alternative press reveal the depth of public support for this initiative. Even Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin has placed abolishing the Fed as one of the top planks in his platform that calls for a return to fiscal responsibility for the U.S.

What the Federal Reserve is all about

The Federal Reserve is called that to fool you. It is actually a private corporation run by bankers dedicated to controlling the nation’s money supply for the benefit of themselves and other wealthy and powerful people. Its mandate is to control the rest of the people by controlling their access to money and credit.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Osmosis Project Design Competition

Project Osmosis Annual All High School Design Competition encourages high school students to be creative thinkers and innovators by expressing their natural talents. A multi-disciplinary project with a theme, students in architecture, fashion, interior, industrial, graphic, and multi-media design are welcome to enter to win a Computer or cash prize.

Thanks Treat

Audiovisual Splendor- Solange 'T.O.N.Y'

Serious appreciation for the originality in Solange.
Very refreshing.

Props to OKP

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grungecake Footage

YAMS has treated us to footage from the recent Grungecake crisis event. Loving the editing on this vid.

Expect great things from Grungecake Crisis magazine.
The next episode of Grungecake Crisis magazine will grace us at the beginning of '09. You can pre-order it now at Bigcartel.

Imitating Flowers Could Lead to Unlimited Solar Power

Using a natural process that is simple to set up, and inexpensive as well, researchers at MIT are taking nature's lead in developing potentially unlimited solar power.

"The process, which is loosely based on plant photosynthesis, uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. When needed, the gases can then be re-combined in a fuel cell, creating carbon-free electricity whether the sun is shining or not."
-Clean Technica

Thanks Doc

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Audiovisual Splendor- Q-Tip 'Renaissance Rap'


Props to Brian Scully for the intel:

Timely Documentary: Pray The Devil Back To Hell

The power of determined peace-making is historically successful, though the mainstream news/war machines probably want you to think otherwise. It is with great pleasure, I offer this trailer for a documentary that illustrates the tremendous power of determined hope and peace intention.

Found this while visiting

Thankyou Yobachi for the intel

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Indiefied- Sameer Kulavoor

"Having grown up in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, I like to observe varied people, their styles, cultures, mannerisms, body language, foul language, anything and everything about them.My friend Gayatri Dixit has been a great influence to the way I work, think and feel. Besides people, traveling to or exploring a new place or city, listening to live music (Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Kailash Kher), surfing the internet- all of these inspire me in some way."
-Sameer Kulavoor to Masala Chai Online

Monday, November 17, 2008

Will.I.Am- It's a new day

The Obamamania continues. The song is fly though. He put thought into it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crystalheads: on sight raising

The brothers and sisters at offer regular inspiration that can touch people of all faiths/creeds, because they focus on the spiritual principles and truths that are found in all religions/spiritual schools.

Enjoy a ray of their light posted recently:

Raising Your Sights

The planet Earth is much bigger than one person and it can’t fit inside of one room. There are experiences that won’t be seen in a neighborhood and a city is not big enough to contain every sight to be visioned. There is not a country that is capable of containing all of the culture and there are even things that exist outside of this world that we live in.

What does the above statement tell us? It says that life is bigger than one person and that there is always room for growth.

We all grow in some way, shape or form on a daily basis. Sometimes we grow outwards and expand our reach, but there are also times that we grow inwards and confine ourselves to mental prisons that we have created to contain us. We have the power to determine if we will limit our unlimited potential for growth, or if we will be actively proactive in embracing the things that life has to offer.

Many people say that the sky is the limit, but the sky has been surpassed because men have made it to the moon and beyond.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Milk Plus Does The Sound Body Good

Cementing their bond in an unemployment office where they awaited interviews for a job teaching music one hot summer's day, Butch La Rea and Robbie Pinna struck up conversation and began kicking around what they realized was musically kindred philosophy which praised the energy of 1950's rock music coupled with the f--- off D.I.Y attitude of the punk dimension.
Neither of them got the teaching job, but they did leave the unemployment office in the direction of a nearby pub, where high octane rock and roll was born to a duo of lovely monsters in our stereos.

"We've been doing this for a little while now & have wised up from previous perception of the "Music Business". We're not going to sign to just any label. We have a vision of excellence that we wish to achieve & whoever we end up with must have the same vision. The industry is in a lull at the moment but I believe that things will change shortly with the emergence of some great bands that we know & know of from the UK & the US. There are some really cool Afro- Punk outfits at the moment, it's a beautiful thing to witness."
-Butch La Rea

Milk Plus has attracted attention and offers from labels in Europe and the US as well as the merchandising world, but these purveyors of sonic blooms believe in the DIY ethos. There is no *sniffle* official EP at present, but they do offer a
an EP at live shows entitled 'Little Victories'.

Monsters In Your Stereo (Live):

Milk Plus Gets Their Grassroute on:

Upcoming events where you can get your Milk fix:

Legion 26th Nov London

12 Bar Club 28th Nov London

Purple Turtle 1st Dec

~~Their bliss dimension~~~*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Audiovisual Splendor- B.O.B and Black Milk

B.O.B - LOUD provides the platform for higher consciousness

Part 2

Visit the light realm of B.O.B:

Black Milk- Give the Drummer Sum

Black Milk's dimension:*

Grazi 9 Elements

Tanya Morgan: The Further Adventures of Von Pea


01 introduction
02 players!
03 web 2009
04 all day hell (f/ Donwill)
05 so supreme
06 the bubble (f/ Che Grand)
07 peagreenery
08 main jawn
09 starstruck / WHAT?
10 options (the great escape)
11 love (f/ Median & Elucid)
12 one man circus (co-starring Ilyas)

Click the image to download the mixtape.

Props to OKP

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amanda's Still Making Moves

Take in an art exhibit tonight at Northbowl (10P to 2A/21+), and fly sonic consciousness on the 19th with Amanda Diva, Che Grand, and Blitz the Ambassador at the Knitting Factory (doors open at 8P).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Share your vision with as well as with the blogosphere

The Obama administration is asking for your vision for America. Share it with them and then blog it for transparency. We require a transparent government process at all levels if any degree of progress or reparation is to be reached.

If you extend the vision you're sharing on your web dimension, drop a link in the comments so I can add it to the post as an update.

Free Troy Davis Benefit on 11/21

Kalonji at FTP says:

"On Friday November 21, 2008, in honor of falsely accused death row inmate Troy Anthony Davis, we will be hosting Poets 4 Political Prisoners-“Free Troy Davis”. This historic event will serve as an educational piece and a benefit, which will launch the creation of The Troy Anthony Davis Scholarship Fund. On hand will be Troy Davis’ family, community activists and a number of artists. We are asking for your participation as well.

Poets 4 Political Prisoners is a tool used to educate through the use of poetry and hip-hop, highlighting freedom fighters and activists. Poets 4 Political Prisoners serves as a benefit to support the creation of materials such as, CD's and newsletters used for the legal expenses and commissary of many victims of injustice. Past participants include: Dusk Daughters, Amir Sulaiman, Liza Garza, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., Mukasa Dada, Bilal Sunni-Ali, Queen Sheba, Kazi Ture, Askia Toure, Black Out Arts Collective and a number of Def Poets."

Props to Achali

Solar Cookers Can Be Made At Home

Click the image to learn how to make one from cardboard and aluminum foil.
You can download a .pdf tutorial here.

Thanks Ben, for leaving the link to these fabulous tutorials in the comments. It is much appreciated.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

R.I.P Mama Africa

A force for the anti-apartheid movement, whose own country banned her music until apartheid was overthrown, and whose experience in the US was star-studded through her friendship with Belafonte until Americans turned on her for marrying Black Panther Kwame Ture (a.k.a Stokely Carmicheal), Miriam Makeba is an inspiration who will be missed. Mama Makeba collapsed onstage in Italy, passing at the age of 76 shorty thereafter.