Monday, December 31, 2012


Long time no blog.
Through the following link, you'll find a surprise that I hope you'll enjoy. It's just a little something, but it's extended in the spirit of inspiration and the celebration of possibilities.

There's something going on with our domain forwarding at the moment, so isn't redirecting like it's meant to. I have a support ticket with my host, and fingers crossed, it'll be resolved sooner than later.

I hope your New Year is a bright and resolute one.
2012 has been... real.

Shine on Lightbeams.
I'll be poking my head in as time allows.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

I sincerely apologize for my extended absence. There've been a lot of upsets, tears, and unforeseeable road blocks in my family circle of late.

I've always had a tendency to manage the personal challenges that arise privately, but the past few years (the end of last year and this year most especially so far) have been tragic in several very difficult ways. Times are challenging (understatement) for most people right now, and families are in positions where they absolutely have to pull together.

I pride myself on follow-through and timeliness, but I've learned. You can only guarantee what you have control over.

I'm taking over the care of my elderly father, but I am still pushing forward with the projects on the table. There have been and will be delays, but the 2nd Black Faery anthology is progressing along with more projects aimed at proper representation of underrepresented peoples.

I'll continue to persevere. I don't discourage easily, but I'm pretty much running UU/Purple Mag on my own. Current family demands have been serious enough to demand first place. Some of you know the trauma my son underwent several months back and the state my father's in. It's been an agonizing 2012 thus far (no exaggeration), but we're handling it (heart ache and obstructions in the path or not). My family and I will get through this cycle. Hardships have an end...

The next issue of Purple Mag won't likely be released until after the digital version of the Black Faery Antho (part deux) publishes. I'll be posting updates and sneak peaks of sketches and the content therein on the tumblr.

As always, the antho project is family-friendly. There's more adult-focused content in our youth's hands than their should be. It's on us to give them alternatives that are worth their light. It's time the majority of us stepped up. Period. The more of us that focus, the less challenges will be able to set back our underrepresented media. There need to be more of us (sans the crabs-in-a-barrel nonsense and profit-obsession... money helps in this society, but we can still get a lot done with the little we do have, especially when we work in numbers with opensource tools and bartering).

Shine bright *-*

More light to come.
Thank you for your patience.


I appreciate the well-wishes and good vibes that have come from the well-meaning souls I've had the honor to connect with. You are rare and beautiful. We need more heart-focused people standing for the underrepresented community. Thank you for being examples that counter the implanted self-hating, stereotypical drivel the cogs in the mainstream machine impose upon our minds like their lives depend on it... We'll rise regardless, despite appearances.

Friday, January 27, 2012

For The 27th: Master Offgrid Living

...or at least learn how to produce your own essentials. We're not powerless. It's time we realize this. Post with gratis download of recipes/DIY formulas, nutrient info, etc.

Happy 2012 & Boundless love.

p.s. I'm doing a lot of bespoke writing at the moment to keep food lining the cupboards and whatnot. Things are moving behind the scenes. They should return to the front of the scene by March (if Murphy's Law is done with me by then *-^). You're loved and appreciated.

Shine Bright

-PZ a.k.a Daz