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Black Bloggers Take Civil Rights Organizations To Task

Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article earlier this week, acknowledging the refusal on behalf of Black Bloggers to tolerate the decisions made by Reverend Sharpton and the NAACP regarding the Dunbar Village Rapists.

He quoted very important online voice Gina Mccauley, Author of What about our daughter's and Attorney, who said:

"For Sharpton and the NAACP to come out and recklessly say we need to free these guys because some white guys over in Boca Raton are out on bail is just unconscionable. We've lost our way in the civil rights movement. When in every case, no matter what an African-American is in custody for, we automatically start screaming about unfairness—even when they are in custody to protect the black community from them."

She makes one crucial point that many us involved in blog activism for this issue
stand firmly upon:

"I've concluded that we can expect no leadership on the issues that are of concern to African-Americans today from these traditional civil rights groups," McCauley said. "It's at least equally important to address black-on-black violence, and it's not being addressed at all."

Reverend Sharpton stepped back and changed direction this week after speaking with a blogger activist about the mistaken direction of defending the Dunbar rapists this week during his radio show. The NAACP's West Palm Beach branch run by Maude Ford Lee and other branches however seem content to ignore the reality of their egregious error in judgment.
Raise your voices and make for sure Black on Black violence is addressed by our Civil Rights Leaders. To ignore the crime in our communities is foolish and dangerous. We must be sure we act with justice concerning black on black crime, just as swiftly as we will act to secure justice in crimes of race-hate. Simple and plain.

Thankyou Villager for the intel

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W.Ellington Felton- Pressya

Appreciable and flavorful reality for your Solarday, from Wes Felton's blueprint of a revolution.

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Good Lookin'

Wes Felton

"Love and protect the image of women"
-Wes Felton

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The Curious Bazaar- Les Peluche d'Eveluche

The lovely dreamwares of Eveluche are worth every penny. Created with a painstaking kind of care, and effortless style the plush world of this flagrant Etsian will make you sigh. Bless her gifted hands.

Visit her cloud

Amarachi's StyleMob is Flava

Founded with a few fashionistas by Motherland child Amarachi, who classifies herself as a 'True Fashion Bandit', has all the trimmings of a blazing success in the making. The drawn with a pencil simulated layout is especially appreciable.

Peep the StyleMob dimension and perhaps create an account...


Visit Amarachi's Blog here

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Dunbar Village Atrocity Open Letter

The Dunbar Village Atrocity

Subject: The Dunbar Village Atrocity


In the past week, a rapidly-moving viral email campaign was launched, and thousands of concerned black citizens spread the word about a shocking crime against a Black woman and her 12 year old son, in which crimes against nature were committed. (read more details of the crime here)

This email, entitled “Stop Al Sharpton and the NAACP from endangering Black Women,” described a stunning betrayal in which the NAACP and Al Sharpton held a press conference and demanded bail consideration for three suspects in custody for the crime. (source1) (source2)

Concerned Black citizens all around the country were outraged by the actions of the NAACP and Al Sharpton, and many vowed to withdraw volunteering and financial support from these agencies “until they make the safety of Black women and children a priority.”

On March 24, 2008 an NAACP memo that attempted to defend this betrayal was sent to Beverly Neal, who is the Director of the NAACP’s Florida State Conference. The memo claims that the NAACP was brought into this fray by Rev. Al Sharpton. Moreover, the memo was written by Maude Ford Lee, who is President of the West Palm Beach Branch of the NAACP. (read the memo here)

On March 27,2008, activist Al Sharpton went on the air to clarify his position on the treatment of the Dunbar Village Suspects. He invited writer Tonyaa Weathersbee and blogger Arlene Fenton to his show, to discuss the matter. Rev. Sharpton claimed that he never said that the Dunbar Village suspects were being treated unfairly, and that he did not want bail for the suspects in question.

Ms Weathersbee and Ms Fenton said that their research indicated otherwise, as indicated by video footage, eyewitness accounts, and the reporting from the Florida Sun Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.

At the end of the radio show, Al Sharpton strongly condemned any activity that would promote bail consideration for the suspects in question. Rev. Sharpton admitted that “if the suspects were white, he would have been there sooner.” He stated that this is a problem with many black civil rights organizations. He apologized and vowed to uphold his prior promise to advocate for the residents of Dunbar Village. He also challenged all activists, bloggers, and writers to be accountable to each other.

To date, the NAACP has not made an official statement denouncing the Dunbar Village Atrocity, nor have they officially expressed regret to the victim. The NAACP also has not officially retracted their statement requesting bail consideration for the alleged rapists/torturers. To our understanding, neither agency has contributed to the Victim’s Assistance Fund or created a reward program geared toward the apprehension of the remaining rapists/torturers.


WE ARE SATISFIED with Al Sharpton’s qualifying statements that he made on his radio show on 3/27/2008. We will watch to see if he fulfills his promise to advocate for the residents of Dunbar Village, and we are willing to assist any effort that promotes safer black neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL.

WE ARE NOT CONTENT with the reckless, irresponsible actions of the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter). We continue to urge all black people, women especially, to refrain from volunteering or giving financially to this organization until they take our safety seriously.


We want law enforcement to make a concerted, sustained effort to apprehend the remaining suspects. We want to see a genuine reward system in place to encourage members of the community to come forward with the knowledge of the whereabouts of the remaining suspects.

We want the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter) to reverse their position that the alleged rapists/torturers of this case should be considered for bail.

We want both the NAACP and the National Action Network to cease downgrading the gang rape/torture/atrocity of the Dunbar Village by comparing it to an unrelated gang rape, in which guns, maiming, and forced incest were not involved.

We want to see genuine victim advocacy in the form of financial support for the relocation, medical expenses, and mental therapy for the true victims in this case.

The Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund

Individuals who would like to donate money to the victims can go to any Wachovia Bank and donate to the St. Ann’s Victim’s Assistance Fund. Donations will go directly to the mother and her son.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church will also accept donations. Checks can be made payable to the "Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund - St. Ann’s".

Donations can be mailed to: St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

If you would like to post this Open Letter on your blog, you can copy the HTML here:

A New Underground Railroad is Born

For more information about this Dunbar Village Campaign, you can visit any of the following blogs:

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Think. It Changes Society.

Interested in being a part of Conscious Lit?

energymail: purplemag at

Want to be a BETA reader for Conscious Lit starting with Maji?
(see the UltravioletUnderground sidebar for download information) Shows Love to UltravioletUnderground

Aww Shucks.
We found a friendly note from
in our message box and we're all a blush.

Visit the lovely page they've shared:

Blogs we've found there that
we'd also like to mention (expect updates):

Obsolete World is magnificent. Click the first image to visit.

Other Cherished Blog mentions:


Freshtopia is pretty fly

Enjoy the wonders of exotic raw green dishes.

Grapefruit 101

The Wonders of Squash

The Golden Gazpacho

Visit Freshtopia's Dimension on the net

Fly Things You Can Do With Your Mouth ep.1

Expect plenty of human beatboxes in the future.

...This cat is sick.
So enjoy.


Save 1520

On August 11, 1973, in the first floor recreation room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, hip hop was born. It was on that day that DJ Kool Herc, known as the founder of hip hop, and his sister threw the first hip hop house party. Scholars, musicians, and the media widely recognize 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, aka General Sedgwick House, in the Bronx borough of New York City, as the birthplace of hip hop, a uniquely American musical genre and culture that has taken over the world.

In recognition of its important place in American history, in July of 2007, 1520 Sedgwick was declared eligible to be listed as a state and federal landmark. Congressman Serrano of the Bronx honored Sedgwick and Kool Herc in the Congressional record.

For more intel:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh & Easy

What's fly about Fresh&Easy?

-They're not afraid of bringing healthy goods to underepresented communities.
This includes areas like Compton.

-They start their employees at 10. per hour, and offer eligibility for health benefits and 401k

-They donate 1000k to the neighborhood when they open a new store.

-In addition to their already fabulous selection, items you would find in larger chains are available there as well, and Jasmyne Cannick says their salads are larger than Trader Joe's ^_^

Visit their online realm for more intel

Thanks for the word Jasmine.

Take A Stand To Dismantle Discriminatory Sentencing

Tell the Senate to support S. 1711

Misguided politicians and their "war on drugs" have created a national disaster: 1 in 9 Black men between the ages of 20 and 34 are now behind bars. It's a man-made disaster - fueled by unfair sentencing rules.

These rules treat 5 grams of crack cocaine—the kind common in poor Black communities—the same as 500 grams of powder cocaine, the kind prevalent in White and wealthier communities.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to challenge unequal justice by ending unfair sentencing laws.

Lend your voice. Less than a minute of your time can create a fairer justice system.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speaking of eradicating plastic...

Sigg has come to the rescue of plastic bottle dependent water drinkers everywhere, and considering the fact that bottled water is nothing more than glorified tap water anyways, we're inclined to applaud this greenish move (green-ish because the bottle is made of an aluminum fabric).

In a valiant move to liberate us from the toxic plastic that seeps into our water and has become an unnatural part of the natural environment, Sigg offers up some very flavorful designs upon reusable bottles that are pretty much unbreakable, and good for those Green points many of us are earning. In addition to this 1% of sales are donated to green businesses.

Now don't get us wrong we're keeping a close watch on it, as aluminum is usually something to keep away from your ingestibles, but from Sigg's descriptions of the inside liner coating, we're hoping this really is a healthy green alternative:

"As tough as they are on the outside, it's the inside of SIGG bottles that make them so special. Due to SIGG's special, proprietary internal coating, these high-tech bottles are resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks, alcohol and virtually any consumable beverage. Because the liners are taste and scent neutral, you can enjoy any beverage you'd like – without any lingering smell or taste of the last beverage you drank. The composition of the liner also reduces the chances of bacteria build-up. And because the liner is virtually baked into the inner walls of the bottle, it will not flake or chip even if dented on the outside."

Thanks Treat for the intel.

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Trace Comes Bearing Digital Goodies

Enjoy the Art issue bearing the lovely forms of conscious gurus Tip and Badu via a very generous complimentary pdf courtesy of Trace. Click the cover image above to visit the download area where you will need to download the cover again.

You can however download the past issue by right clicking the link below.
Download issue 80

Day of Blogging For Voter Justice

In solidarity with the Afrosphere Action Coalition's petition and Blogging Day for Voter Justice, I offer these thoughts:

Despite appearances, we have grown as a global community. There would be no other reason for the persistent dumbing down of the public we have seen in full-force recently. An intelligent, unbiased leader seems to be the last thing the upper 1% want to see.
But it's not about the upper 1%. They've had their time. It's time for the common people to rise. Entrusting our collective power to corporate families has helped us create a society with a toxic, dying environment, overworked parents, and overly sexualized lonely children raised in large part by the television, who have become anesthetized to and celebratory over violent imagery while continuing to become more isolated and less aware of what reality is, let alone a loving community and family unit. This country is not thriving. It has been in crisis for some time.

Personally, I would not entrust it to a race-baiter, or any among the gluttonously wealthy. We know better now. Hillary has shown us she will pull the race card, and in doing this she has lost the respect of the many in all cultures. She also continues to push and push for what so wisely describes as a myth. She cannot win the election at this point, but her ego will not allow her to let the rightful candidate win? Will she truly jeopardize the race for the democratic party because she's a sore loser and possibly a closet racist?
I have said for a while that she's a Republican in Democrat's clothing.
She's proving that for us.

It is time for Hillary Clinton to step down. It would have been wonderful to have an honorable women president, but Hillary did not bring honor with her.

Read the official press release

Click the image below to sign the petition asking Hillary to step down

Condolences to the Rae family

Corinne Bailey Rae's husband Jason Rae was found dead in a Leed, England apartment on Saturday.
Our condolences to Corinne and the rest of the Rae family. Rest in Peace Jason. It is hoped the privacy of the Rae family will be respected during this sensitive time.

More information available through CNN.

Thankyou Treat for the intel.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Value of HomeSchooling

Behind the Illusion
wrote an inspiring blog regarding homeschooling and the protection it needs from the community. We must maintain our rights to educate our children at home or in homeschooling groups. Period.
Many of us know its long been time for us to pull children from school for safety reasons alone, but it has taken longer than it should for it to catch on. Fortunately we can thank iconic personas for sharing grassroot wisdoms with folks who would have otherwise remained oblivious of their importance.

Badu is one example of a conscious parent, currently homeschooling 7 children in her home, because she knows the value of carefully prepared education for the youth. In reality, we should all be considering this as schools continue to dumb down the children, creating a generation of mindless consumers and an embarrassment in the Global village. Children of color especially require education that includes the contribution of Motherland ancestry in the Motherland Diaspora and other underrepresented groups of color, into the curriculum for more than one month per annum.

We can be thankful also that special groups have come together for people of color to provide resource information and a networking collective to parents interested in giving their children the best chance possible to cultivate their minds and potential.

Visit the African American Homeschoolers Network here

But keep your eye on legislation.
Be sure to be a part of votes that are announced publicly and 'of a sudden' that could endanger our freedom to educate our children according to our wisdom as parents. Keep your eye on The Mothers bill and related nonsense while you're at it, to make sure parental rights stay where they belong; in the hands of the parents, not drug corporations or their creepy overpaid friends. Afterall the government is finally admitting what they've done to our children with vaccinations. Not all of them could handle the thermasol. Many are autistic thanks to government regulations... Time to restructure society folks. Take your part in the political process and lend your voice.


dropped a gem on us that can shed some light on the 'educational process' our children are subjected to when we don't homeschool. Click his name to visit his dimension.

Indie.Arie Founds Label

Along with Universal Republic Records, India.Arie has founded Soulbird music, a major label that has signed India's background singer, Anthony David. Anthony's debut album 'Acey Deucey' will arrive in June of this year online and in record stores. Described as a combination of Bill Withers and Mos Def, Anthony David's contribution to mainstream music is highly anticipated.

Props to India.Arie for making moves that can add an independently minded spin to the machine.

Thanks Soulbounce

Which Community Does The NAACP Serve?

(Please Circulate the Banner)

Not only did it take the NAACP (and Reverend Sharpton for that matter) forever to do something for our youth in Jena, they are also proving themselves nothing more than a political shell run by individuals who may no longer be sane. Behavior like the NAACP is showing in the Dunbar VIllage issue makes me wonder if the people pulling the strings in the NAACP are even people of color. Are the same self-hating mechanisms now installed in the NAACP that we have seen with BET? In this day and age it's more than possible.

The Black Community does not support rapists, so why is the NAACP supporting the Dunbar rapists? These men do not deserve our protection. Our Innocent Children, Women, and Men do. How can an organization claiming to be for the advancement of people of Color, support rapists that gangraped a Mother and then forced her to engage in sexual acts with her child, threatening the purity of their connection?

We at UltravioletUnderground are outraged and denounce this foolishness of the NAACP. It is sickening and makes a mockery of those of us who stand for true justice and equality. Sane people will come to the aid of the youth in the Black community facing imprisonment imposed because of a schoolyard fight that normally wouldn't warrant jailtime if not for their cultural roots. We will stand for our wrongfully imprisoned brothers and sisters.


Call them and let them know how you feel 1-877-NAACP98

Thankyou What About Our Daughters and
Villager for Reporting on this issue.

Pen Just Cries...

Very slick work.

Visit Eric's Blog

Politico Calls Hillary Clinton's Campaign a Myth

One big fact has largely been lost in the recent coverage of the Democratic presidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning.

Her own campaign acknowledges there is no way that she will finish ahead in pledged delegates. That means the only way she wins is if Democratic superdelegates are ready to risk a backlash of historic proportions from the party’s most reliable constituency.

Unless Clinton is able to at least win the primary popular vote — which also would take nothing less than an electoral miracle — and use that achievement to pressure superdelegates, she has only one scenario for victory. An African-American opponent and his backers would be told that, even though he won the contest with voters, the prize is going to someone else.
-Jim Vandehei & Mike Allen/


The Afrosphere agrees.
Join us in the Blogging Day For Voter Justice

Last week's press announcement is available through the above link.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Niki Andre Asks Where The Men Of The Community Are

Healing Love

lit: Niki Andre

Are we drowning in the chasm? I'm looking for some masculine tracks to mend the rift I'm feeling being between the ladies and gents of the world:

Where Are Our Boys?
Here's me calling out for a line! Where are our husbands, fathers and brothers in all this? (For what I mean by all of this, please see "PART II" below.) There should be a wealth of songs like John Mayer's "Daughters" out there...We crave them, we need them; those lyrics are a balm...So how come I can only think of one? And where is the urban equivalent? I'm fixing to compile a playlist of male artists to remind us ladies of the wealth of good men on the shore. Please post your suggestions (with links to the songs if you can). I will keep a running list in my monthly blog. Standard "I love you baby" love songs need not apply. I'm looking for songs that reach beyond a one on one love affair and speak to mens' universal relationship with the ladies of the world.

International Womyn's Day, Has Feminism Failed Us?
Warmongers and rapists have misappropriated change but only because our consciousness for change is slow, dull and small enough for them to transfigure (and sometimes) destroy. Transformation has the ability to move much fast than any war, so how are they so often catching us, the vast majority, who want peace?

Eve Ensler has been reproached for dubbing the misogynist state of the world as a full-on "femicide". But with 1 in 3 women having survived rape or physical attack, it's impossible to argue her words are alarmist.*

By and large, we are not truly walking the talk of preserving our natural feminine power, desire and protection of peace. We resign to compromise and submit before we even attempt defiance and resistance. Too often, we're not even trying to call out for help! Why?

When someone is drowning, it takes someone on the shore to throw them a line. Our divisive culture has become so "us and them", that women drown wordlessly -or grasp the hands of their sisters, already in it up to their chins - convinced that no one on the shore can possibly care...Well, so many of the dry turn a blind eye...

But we are inextricably one.
It's been said that the world's people are like a human body. "When one part of the body is in pain, it is impossible for the rest of the body to feel comfortable".** Here is the genesis of every rape and every war: those on the shore ignore the growing knot in the pit of their stomachs until one day, the tide comes in, and there is a holocaust at their doors.

Can we try a dialogue this time? Ladies, have he faith and courage to call out. Tell the men in your life what makes your feel threatened as a woman. Gentlemen, have the faith and courage to listen and defend.

All these insidious "little" ways our culture markets women as one dimensional commodities for sexual consumption are not benign "sex sells" tactics (regardless of whether women buy in to them or not), they are the foundation blocks for a culture of rape.

* source: "Ensler Continues Fighting Violence Against Women" Toronto Star, March 08, 2008 -
** I'm paraphrasing a quote in the documentary film "Scared Sacred" by Velcrow Ripper -

Join her discussion at SoulCommune


Niki Andre is an Indie Artist making Dirty Jazz ^_^.
Visit her dimension here

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The Black Community Does Not Support The Dunbar Rapists
Take Back the NAACP

Roots Gathering in June

(See Okayplayer for more info of course)

Random Glam
Teyana Taylor- Google Me

It's... s'kay for a commercial slang-inspiring release, but the chic can sing and brings an original presence to the entertainment experience. We still wave our pom-poms for her Harlem flava. We're not mad at Pharrell for opening that door at all.

Behind the Scenes:

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Sound The Alarm On Mandatory Drug Bill (Repost This Repeatedly)

Bill S.1375 is currently in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on March 11, 2008.

The “Mothers Act” would screen pregnant women for potential depression -- and treat them with antidepressants during and/or after pregnancy to avoid post partum depression.


Take Action to Stop This Bill

Sign The Petition

Distribute the Press Release Found Here

Spread the Word and contact your representatives as well as the representatives listed in the above Source link at Dr.

We cannot sleep on this.
We cannot allow them to drug fetuses while they are developing.
We cannot allow them to force drugs on children or parents.


US Government Concedes that Immunizations Cause Autism

The U.S. government has concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to symptoms of autism in 9-year-old Hannah Poling. The unprecedented concession was in response to one of three test cases that allege the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal caused autism in children.

According to the case, the child was healthy and developing normally until her 18-month well-baby visit, where she received vaccinations for nine diseases, two of which contained thimerosal. Within 48 hours of the shots, Hannah become ill, refused to walk and could not sleep through the night. Within three months, she began showing signs of autism.

According to U.S. Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, the shots "significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder" and resulted in a brain disorder "with features of autism spectrum disorder."

Although federal officials continue to say there is no link between autism and vaccines, this concession says otherwise.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has determined that Hannah’s family is entitled to compensation from a federal vaccine injury fund in an amount that is still being determined.

There are currently 4,900 autism cases pending in Federal "Vaccine Court."

-Dr. Mercola/Source

If you do immunize ask for the batch number your child's vaccination comes from. Do not allow doctors to bully you into anything (this includes medicating your child against your will for any reason).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Put The Plastic Down, Seriously

We're going to have to start treating plastic items like heirlooms for Earth's sake and stop casting it into the trash with abandon. We have to stop buying plastic. Find out why in the video below, and enjoy a piece on Green, conscious (non corny) games your family can enjoy as well.

Stay Green. Visit Viropop often.

Janelle Monae @ Smith's Olde Bar March 21st in ATL

The Grassroute- Tedtalks featuring Sir Ken Robinson on The Creativity (or lack thereof) in our schools

It's long been time to revamp the education system.

Visit for mindblowingly inspiring videos of minds that refuse to shrink themselves for industry...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Lower Eastside Girls Club is a Fly Collective

Click the flyer for more information.
Respect to the conscious sisters involved in this sharing of light with the youth

Gracious thanks to B! of A Daughter's Geography for the intel.