Saturday, June 27, 2009

Am I Not Human: Stand For Troy Davis

How is it possible that in a country that claims to fight for freedom and justice, a man that is likely innocent [after 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their testimonies against him advising they were coerced by police to testify a certain way] sits on death row after rejected appeals to be seen in court to have new evidence looked over? And why would the state of Georgia refuse to allow the press to see him, though it is his right? It is a twisted rejection of justice that must be undone. I believe with enough of a spotlight upon the State of Georgia, the pressure will bring about the only satisfactory change- a true reexamining of Troy Davis' case and his subsequent and inevitable release.

The NAACP has joined this fight, launching an website to collect petition signatures and raise public awareness of his case, alongside Amnesty International who have been fighting for Troy for sometime now. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this case if you haven't already and add your voice to the growing number of voices demanding justice for Troy Davis and others like him who do not belong behind bars for a crime they did not commit.

On behalf of Troy Davis we ask:

We hope to see Troy speaking with the press very soon about his pardon, and release from an 18 yr. imprisonment that was exacted against him without any physical evidence, and with the testimonies of witnesses who recanted in large when they were no longer under the pressure of renegade officers forcing them to make untrue statements against him. It seems to me there are fraudulent law enforcers on several levels that should be locked away for their criminal behavior against the innocent. Hopefully when this is cleared up, they will be made to atone for their crimes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in peace MJ

You will be missed.

Rest in Peace Micheal.

You changed the face of entertainment.
And though your innocence was misunderstood and exploited, you will still be remembered as the King of Pop. A title you rightfully earned. Bless you and your loved ones. May all be set to rights where you're concerned.

note: Something doesn't seem right about the whole thing (I'm very bothered at the core by something I can't put my finger on).

The Indian Thriller

Thriller (Lego edition)

The Wedding thriller

Sunday, June 21, 2009

#Loa is basically love-beaming


I've noticed in recent hours [because the 'feeling-place message relayed by Esther Hicks and The Secret finally gave me a needed aha! moment] that manifesting or intentional attraction are all about the feelings you surround your desired outcome in.

This is crucial. It's been said before of course, and the first #loa book I ever read was Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization when I was 14 [this was sometime ago about 19 years], but it took a while to really take hold of my understanding.

I was in that somewhat asleep- mostly waking place last night thinking of some issues that have been of concern to me (a.k.a the move coming up, etc) and decided I wouldn't give anymore worry energy to it. Period. From that point in a very natural progression I thought of 'the move' issues and [rather effortlessly and of a sudden] felt an intentional joyous happiness. That's when it clicked.

All of this time [ I've had some success with #loa but have been pretty self-denying by nature so have asked for little...] I've thought I had to have the 'perfect' visualization/feeling place to match the desired outcome every time I worked with #loa. It's silly and more involved than it needs to be. It caused me to procrastinate my #loa sessions for a time when I could 'picture' things more clearly, but We don't all picture things. I learned this when I was studying for my Hypnotherapy certification. We're not all visualizers. Right-brain people tend to visualize easily, but left-brain types 'need to pretend' rather than actually 'see', to work with their imaginations. Different methods can bring successful outcomes.

The bottomline is very very simple and incredibly effective.
The two hemispheres of the brain (a.k.a sun and moon, masculine and feminine, left and right brain) need to work together for us to be our complete selves and function as we're able to. Operating out of only one hemisphere gives us a fragmented experienced.
By combining good feeling (right brain) with desired outcome thought schematic/planning (left brain), we achieve manifestation.

We've become so conditioned to being at the mercy of our reactions it seems impossible to create a feeling-place at will, but it's completely possible. You can tune into your inner happiness on command and then surround your desired object with it in your #loa practice.
Try it.

note: (The #loa hashtag can be searched for via, (hashtag search),, or if you must, the Twensoring (They do censor arbritrarily y'all) Twitter platform).

Props and Magnanimous thanks to The Creator (The Universe/Source/'Insert your preferred name for God here' --- We're Interfaith 'round these parts so chill with the evangelism in the comments... God is in everything. Some call God Chi (lifeforce)... Follow your heart. Love is stronger than any fear.) for the intel.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Melvin Gibbs Elevated Entity 6/25 NYC

Click the image for extended intel.

Props to

The Out-of-box Celebratory Issue has arrived ^_^

Please enjoy the boxless delights of URB ALT community members, affectionately called URB ALtians in an extra issue extended to our readers for the 2009 schedule. Bright lights such as Rob Fields, Melvin Gibbs, Ed Marshall, Fresh Nancy, and Dwayne White (to name only a few) lent their wisdoms, arts and stardust to the pages of this issue that celebrates the alternative mind and the URB ALT community nurturing out-of-box thinking.

Click the image to download a complimentary copy, or acquire a print issue.

Keep an eye out for future celebratory issues celebrating out-of-box and alternative wise dome's, as well as our Fall issue in October *_^

Remember to check the URB ALT fest if you'll be in the NYC area on June 20, 24, 26, and 27.

More intel is available at the UrbAlt ning, and also through via the flyer below (click to visit).

Abandon your boxes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Has Twitter censored you yet?

Well, I think it's now official. Nearly a week (6 days and 1/2) after working with other members of the African-American community (and a few members of the European community who stepped forward), to honor the Ancestors who endured the horrors of the Middle Passage by raising awareness about the #Maafa ocean ritual held annually by Medgar Evers College, my hashtags have been shut down.

I had strong suspicion that I was being censored and sent two tweets to Twitter to ask why, but received no response. Mind you I have been a serious Twitter cheerleader and love the idea of micro-blogging (no matter which company hosts space for it-- there will surely be many as time goes on), but it seems the Twitter company feels it has the right to shut us down when it sees fit. After all, the #Maafa Ocean Ritual awareness raising was for a good cause. We cannot forget the past if we intend a balanced world for the future. The ancestors must be respected and given due justice so they can rest in peace. How is recognizing them offensive?

Is the honoring of the Ancestors so revolutionary an idea that can't handle an average of 900 tweets from African-Americans who wished to revere their ancestors and help other members of the community and other communities who may be interested, to become aware of annual rituals that honor the ancestors who suffered and fought for the freedoms diverse society enjoys?

For obvious reasons my microblogs ( I'd rather not call them tweets and further empower a brand that censors its users unnecessarily) now come through and I am steadily on the look out for other microblogging solutions because factually, if Twitter censored my hashtags for organizing an honoring of Ancestors, they will censor the next person for whatever reason they choose.
6 1/2 days later, it is clear that the censoring of my hashtags is not an API issue.

If you're as disturbed by their censorship as I am, why not ask them why they choose to shut down hashtags that members use for the cause of honoring Ancestral/Cultural ties, and if this is a practice they plan to use against other members arbitrarily and without question or warning moving forward? It could be you or someone close to you next. Better to check them now before their ego becomes too massive.

They may not ever win me back as a loving 'Twitterer' [my entries come through and repost on Twitter only because there are still people I dig communicating with that haven't joined Friendfeed or another feed like or others yet], but they can redeem themselves by cleaning up behaviors that have resulted from taking the wrong turn down the road of misused influence [or interpretation of power]. They are very popular now, but Myspace was also extremely popular at one time, before an able competitor arose...

If my Twitter profile mysteriously disappears after this writing, you can find me at . I've backed up my Twitter-based microblogs with and, so I can repost them elsewhere if need be [I strongly suggest you back-up your Twitter microblogs even if only because they've been known to lose 'tweets' when they're working on the site. Friendfeed automatically retweets your microblogs on its feed if you set it up, so they're also a decent option for online back-up but I do recommend both and to be extra safe].

I truly appreciate the beautiful people that fuel the Twitterverse, but I am quite disappointed with the 'keepers' of the internet dimension itself. They should be ashamed and know, no good comes from abuse of influence. It always comes back to haunt.

If you're as concerned as I am, please RT:

' Mass RT Why do you censor members for honoring their Ancestors and Culture through #Maafa? #censorship @Twitter '

Continue to shine your light and raise your fists for what you believe in. In a world sorely needing a reality check about priorities, censorship of important community focuses have suspicious motives and can't be tolerated. Anywhere.

note: If you know of other #mibl sites [Microblog sites] spread the word. You can drop it in the comments and I'll spread the word too.

There are other options for #hashtags: Search hashtags through See the right sidebar for various microblogging platforms you'd like to have show up in results.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truly Melty Vegan Cheez?

Yes. It's arrived and apparently restaurants are stocking it (see above photo... Teese can't compete with that).

The movement lives . With a product like Daiya cheez, the mainstreaming of vegan cheez and condiments like Vegenaise and Vegan coffee creamers/various creams will be here before we know it. I've been doing my visualizing, but it will be much easier to envision easily available cheez products now with Daiya on the market. Putting together sample kits to bring to local pizzerias and markets will be very easy now.

For now you can order it at or visit the website for more intel here.

I haven't tried this yet, but I do intend to return with a review after the move *_^ I have a few reviews to impart to you green lovelies actually (like Bayou, Ancients&Immortals, Vegan Guide to the galaxy, The Ecstatic [a born classic], and the list goes on....), just after I get some of these recent challenges squared away *_^

Shine your beautiful lights and join me on for more goodies (
At the very least Friendfeed will back up your Twitter entries. We all know Twitter isn't stable, even if you can deal with the censorship. It backs up many other streams as well). With custom backgrounds added they will do very well.

Thanks Happycow for the intel.

UU turns 2

Ultraviolet Underground turns 2 today *_^
Thankyou for coming through, supporting and sharing your light. You are appreciated.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brooklyn's HipHop Fest 6/20

I so wish I could have made it to this event this year. Do drop the intel if you attend *_^

Click the image for event details.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dispelling a few [annoying] Vegan Myths

(These kinds of falsehoods are highly annoying to Motherland Faeries ---also herbivores)
image: Dazjae a.k.a PurpleZoe 2009

Since becoming a Vegan I've heard some out-there myths that are believed by a wide range of people who have been miseducated. Miseducation is rampant in Western society, and it's truly the duty of any knowing the real time on any given subject to speak up and share mental wealth.
I've been a herbivore for going on 4 years, and don't claim to be an expert, but I do my research and pay attention to the way my body reacts to different foods. Experimenting with enough vegan recipes to have a general grasp of the best way to prepare comfort foods is important to enjoying the vegan lifestyle (especially in areas without vegan restaurants). It is also essential to know the value of comfort foods that give the body nutrients. Our nutrients are the energy our brain and body use to perform.
Veganism can be very healthy if organic vegetables (fruits and legumes) are actually eaten *_^ There a number of ways to prepare these that are deeply gratifying on sensual levels. Visit the ongoing Vegan prn category for more on delectable food preparation.

Here are a few myths that need to be dispelled for both beginning and intermediate vegans:

-b12 deficiency is not a norm for vegans, as b12 is neither produced by plant or animal. It is produced by bacteria that plant and/or animal become exposed to. It is even produced within our bodies by bacteria... b12 deficiency is largely caused by parasites and is not a 'vegan' dilemma. It is known to strike high-protein diets.

-The average brand of bread is not vegan. Check the label for mono-diglycerides [animal=parts... often pork]. Sad but true. Good news is, you can reach for the organic breads in your local market. Flat wraps can also contain animal parts, so look for organic wrap bread as well. Organic labels can generally save you from the sneakiness that finds its way into products that truly don't need or call for animal parts in the recipe (they are probably added to make people more physically dependent on the brands via food cravings seeking familiarity...).

-Massive amounts of protein aren't needed.
The average adult only needs about 2 or 3 grams of protein daily
(See first paragraph beyond the link).

-It is not difficult for vegans to meet protein and iron needs.
The average amount of protein in a piece of meat is anywhere from 15-20 grams. The average tub of tofu (dry-fry or squeeze dry, then marinate, then finish cooking for maximum taste-texture ---thank @thinblackduke for the intel) is 17-20 grams total servings.
Blackbean steaks are about 20 grams each ('T-bone steak-sized'). 8 Tbs of peanut butter is equal to 32 grams of protein (at 4 grams protein per Tbs). 1 tbs of [Unsulphured] Blackstrap Molasses provides 20% or higher the recommended daily value of iron.

-Baking is easy with a vegan diet. 1 tbs of cornstarch and equivalent water is the equal of one egg for binding in a recipe. Everything else is vegan when used form scratch ( sub oil instead of butter if no vegan butter is available- and Rice Milk if dairy milk is called for--- Use organic sugar or agave to sweeten).
You can also sub the flour for the equivalent amount of white beans (blend) (it will still taste like cake).
You can also make pancakes easily with flour (or white beans), desired amount of water for consistency, optional dash of vanilla extract, and organic sugar or agave. There is very little (if anything) that can't be veganized contrary to past popular beliefs... There's even an Indian salt (Kala Namak) that tastes like hard-boiled eggs naturally. I kid you not. I have it in my cabinet as we speak.

- Just because you give up meat, it doesn't mean your diet is completely healthy. It's very easy to rely on processed foods, and neglect to take in leafy greens, organic fruits, beans, and other nutrient yielding foods. A cup of broccoli is equal to a cup of dairy milk calcium-wise (and the broccoli's calcium is natural, not added to 'fortify' it like dairy milk).
There plenty of starchtarians who call themselves herbivores. Herbivores take in the nutrients of plants as well as starches.
If taking in greens is really difficult for you, add it to a daily smoothie before you start your day or end it. Promise you won't taste a cup of kale blended with a banana (or white beans for thickening), berries or peaches/plums (your fruits of choice), a tsp of Blackstrap molasses (for iron, and calcium), optional organic sugar or agave. You will feel the benefits however, early on in the practice.
... And it is nums.

-People who eat fish aren't vegetarian and they definitely aren't vegan. The appropriate term for a fish-eater who has given up poultry and red meat, is a Pescetarian.

-You can find a vegan cheez you can live with. Whether you like Follow your heart Vegan Gourmet (Monterey Jack is excellent alone or in dishes), Cheezly (The dairy eaters in my life have loved Cheezly White Cheddar), or another brand (Sorry 'Teese' tastes like a weird popcorn to me--- though the texture is definitely mozarella-like), there are tasty cheez products you can use in your dishes.
You can even make your own sauces (<---Dairy eater approved)and hard cheeses. There are a myriad of recipes that work well. There's even a mayonaisse that tastes like 'Hellman's original' (for reals): Vegenaise.
You just have to find the brand you like best. Who knows how many cookbooks are holding gems underknown to the vegan world. Enjoy the adventure of finding these shiny morsels.

-There are Vegan cookbooks for many cultures. Original (pre-colonized) culture is primarily herbivorous (e.g. Indian cultural diets are quite vegetarian).
Several soulfood cookbooks are on the market from Bryant Terry, Afya, and even a mini cookbook via PurpleMag in Issue 6. A Mexican cookzine is available, and a 'Dirty South' cookbook can be purchased. You don't have to sacrifice flavor. Strike the falsehood from your consciousness. Veganism is delicious, cruelty-free and very healthy.


I hope these help clear up some misconceptions about the Vegan path. At present the only real difficulty is eating out in areas that don't have vegan restaurants or vegan friendly items or condiments on their menus. This is changing however, and you can help veganism become mainstream.

If you have additional Vegan myths (for a possible part 2 to this article) you'd like to see dispelled feel free to drop them in the comments, contact me on twitter, or email: purplemag at

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Blackstrap Molasses taste undetectable in smoothies

Beancake recipe

Plants do not feel pain


Update: Participators can visit to keep an eye on the #maafa (enter this hashtag as the 'room') tweets or you can enter #maafa in your Twitter 'search

note: We can tweet #maafa in honor of the ancestors all day but are hoping to raise major awareness between 1 and 3 P if you're available to tweet during at least that time.

We're seeking to get the #Maafa hashtag in Twitter trending topics in time for the annual Ocean ritual that honors the middle passage of our African Ancestors. Please take a moment to utilize the hashtag hopefully in conjunction with this link that details more information about how it started with Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn: New York Times article on the #Maafa Ritual

This is precious information for our community. It has been taking place annually for years. How many know about it? More than that number need to know.

Your #solidarity is much appreciated. For those interested and able, the ocean ritual is held annually the second week of June. This year it takes place on June 13th. Contact Medgar Evers College for more info about coming years. This year an event is taking place here: 2-6pm FREE,all-day,live Juneteenth celebration. Performers, vendors and more. Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem.

We're tweeting #Maafa (You can include this post link if you like or the direct link to the NY times article above to raise awareness) between 1 and 3 PM on Saturday June 13. Our community needs to know about this important annual practice.

Props to @DiggsWayne for the intel.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Audiovisual Splendor- Boog Brown, The Outabodies, Micah James, Raye 6

BoogBrown- The Essence

The first single from her forthcoming mixtape: 'Miss Black America' is a metagem.

Micah James - Agoraphobia

Brothah James works the track with a very clever turn of phrase and a seemingly endless assurance of himself.

Agoraphobia from Dia Creative on Vimeo.

The Outabodies- BioSpeak

Reminiscent of Golden-era goodtime tracks blessed with conscious flows that celebrate original culture, The Outabodies are bringing to the ears of those who hear, what the Indiestream has been wishing for. We heart them.

Raye6 - EPK

Some language and too sexy for the kids
(but not the thoughtless hoochiedom the mainstream has extended).

Raye 6's soul pours from her mouth in powerful mastery of note and ether. She's gorgeous, a flyer kind of vixen than what we're used to, and a force unlike any that's come before her. Knowing hard knocks well, Raye 6 pushed forward with her dreams after losing it all.

Raye Sheen EPK

Chocolate Mahogany Poppy

Courtesy of DollarVanDemos

Props to CultureKing and Dollar Van Demos for the intel

Monday, June 8, 2009

Liberated Muse Anthology: How I Freed My Soul*QwFHFssmxEuZl-BDpciIqYQL7rlw-l10rzS*/banner.gif?width=468&height=60&xn_auth=no&type=gif

Details are forthcoming at LiberatedMuse for their Anthology's purchase intel.
Check the site for updates.

In the interim enjoy a mashup of some of the liberating perspectives you'll find in the anthology, which include that of blessed pen-wielding Black Sci-fi writer Valjeanne Jeffers (author of Immortal).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Indiefied: The Rejeks

Singaporean Punk band 'The Rejeks' weave a sound reminiscent of not-cold-enough hallway water fountains, mustard yellow peel-painted lockers with wavy gill-like vents, boomboxes (yes, boomboxes), adidas with the tongues out, black frame glasses sans the nose guard, and grey-black denims.

They are appreciated.


Visit their online realm here: The Rejeks At ReverbNation

Somewhat related note: Artists should probably take the lead of 'The Rejeks' and get Reverbnation pages. The embeddable track feature goes over very well with blogposts.

Props to Kaos Blac for the intel.

Meanwhile in the Twitterverse


thinks the #secretkittysociety ( is off having a meeting. They left the ornery one out again though.
It occurred to me the other day that I think I've finally figured myself out. More on this later. #selfanalysis #tookaleftofftheroadtodenial @BrianKurtz Wishing we had a Carl's Jr on the East Coast. #Vegan #MushroomBurgerMy mind doesn't seem to get tired, but I would like to go to sleep now please. #insomnia?Via @SAFARI_BLACK R.I.P OSCAR GRANT -X- SEAL BELL ..FREE TROY DAVIS - --- Respect. #TroyDavis #OscarGrant #SeanBellVia @AlissaFereday Spend a little more time thinking about what you WANT & a little less time about what IS. ~ #Abraham #LOA #Dream@HerGrungeCake lol. All 2 the good.Things R decent on this end now that the not-humans upstairs put their jumping children 2 bed at 10:30 P.@astroMELANIN I've been craving Sun & meditation (like people in the desert crave water) since Neptune went Retrograde. #NeptuneRetrograde@astroMELANIN It truly is.Sat in the sun last Saturday, and I swear it healed patterns I've been working for awhile, in a matter of hours. can't wait to sit in the sun again. #Solarmisses Mulberries. There aren't any Mulberry trees in the area :( #vegan #mulberries@guerillamilk It's dope.Via @SaulWilliams But is there anythng mre imprtnt thn love (sunlight)&the imagination(water). (Funkadlic: 'How do u view u?'_currnt sndtrk)@alice_wonder I'm making a serious effort to make it out.We missed Ecbacc and will miss URB ALT this year.Can't miss #Afropunk 09 (cont'd)is hyped coinage should be correct in time for Afropunk fest! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Afropunk #Blackrock #theotherblackexperienceVia @colieoliepolie RT @amirsulaiman: they can martyr me or pardon me/it doesn't matter because I am not matter. #beautifulfists #NeptuneRetrograde is definitely affecting #dream activity.R.I.P David Carradine. [I know I didn't hear about David Carradine passing until now, but he was sure in a fighting dream I had last nite.] Mark yr calendars 4 via @SaulWilliams & @janellemonae on July 6 in BKNY at festival. We'll be thr! via @TheVanguard@HerGrungeCake Peace Her Grungeness ^_^ *bows*
is having a difficult time liking Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses. Anyone know how to consume it w/a smile? #vegan #Nutrients
Via @Dr_DinaSadik Don't plant seeds of Cacti and expect Apples to grow. Be aware of what you cultivate.@VeganInLA It has different aspirations than its makers had in mind *_^ #Dreambig lol.Reopen the Troy Davis case via @Villager #TroyDavis

@zynzelay lol. I can relate. Twitter is the one social network I don't stay away from for long. The others are usually severely neglected.

RT @ghettoManga @PurpleZoe if you don't Mind, it doesn't Matter LOL! [Truth]

Mind over matter.

Love them: #EarlGreyhound #Boldaslove #BlackRock #Indie

<3's> Follow Miss Kennebrew @junkprints #purplemag #indie

RT @CoachBilal RT @ShaundrieRT @trem13: @shaundrie ham is also used as h.a.m {hot azz mess} <--- true <---Stay Pork Free!!!!!!!!!! :-) #lol

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Cheez Movement: Updated

Previous post details the Vegan Cheez Movement here.

Y'all still visualizing Vegan Cheez items and condiments/etc in places of leisure and local markets? We're still working on progressive activities/tools on this end.

Also Vegan:

Wonders of Coconut Milk

<3 Esperanza Spaulding

I've seen plenty of coverage on Esperanza Spaulding but nothing hit me like the following innerview. The woman is a star in the high sense. She's filled with light that can't help but spill over onto the masses. Her album is now officially on the 'buy' list.
Blessings 'pon her.

Visit her online dimension here:

Props to HolisticLocs for the intel.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just because: M.I.A - Jimmy

A love song from a girl to a boy going off to Guerilla War.

Props to Dina for the intel

Afropunk '09 Lineup

The Afropunk lineup has been announced.
A few of the phenoms announced to play are Living Colour, Saul Williams, Tamar Kali, Earl Greyhound, Apollo Heights, Sabatta, Elevator Fight, Chewing Pics, Janelle Monae, and more. Incredible acts that make it well worth the trip for out-of-town Alt-culturists.

It's basically split between July 4th, 5th and 6th with a bonus block party on the 12th. There will be film showings on days holding musical events and days without them, like the 8th.

Click the image for the details at

Thursday, June 4, 2009

CurT@!n$ - Black Folks

He speaks the truth.

Don't sleep.

Sample the mixtape here.

Extreme Props to SAFARI BLACK for the intel.

Indiefied: Lana Futura, Frida Kamau-Hawthorn, GoldiGold, Aisk

There's a world of visual gurus of color bringing incredible works to the art scene that you may or may not be aware of. We've dropped intel on some of them in the past, but there are many more we haven't covered. Enjoy a peek at a few of these amazing talents below.

Katharina Pretl
's fashion-forward Lana Futura watercolor femmes, like otherworld mannekins impress themselves upon the minds of viewers with their incredibly unique form and celebration of color. We first happened upon her work via a rendering of Supaluva Shania D in Summer '07. Since then her work has continued in its abundant dance of color.

Frida Kamau-Hawthorn 's work carries a haunting, classic presence. If you followed the now under-nurtured [PZ] Stumbleupon you may have caught her work in the reviews section. Despite several searches I still haven't been able to locate a dedicated website for Lady Kamau-Hawthorn.

Thx to Ahnka we have Frida's site link here.

GoldiGold 's work has an electric quality. The colors, and forms he uses to render his subjects balances fine art and comic rendering with an edge. The founder of the beloved Jungle45 teeshirt company, and JungleJem magazine, Sir Gold is a fantastically talented and seriously productive guru of the visual realms.

Aisk 's command of graffiti-meets-urban kawaii spreads its digital canvas wings in both monochromatic and vibrant hue saturation.

Props to Blank Bare Clean for the intel on Aisk1

Have underrepresented and thus under-celebrated geniuses you'd like to recommend? Drop us an energymail: purplemag at

Keep an eye on these underground gatekeepers for coverage of underrepresented art & culture:

Related Intel:

Wangechi Mutu
Kara Walker
Wanda Ewing
Crystal Clarity
Dreadfully Slick
Love Mama Dolls
Tabitha Bianca
Ursula Xanthe Young
The Marvelous Scritch and Scratch
Tamara Natalie Madden
Bassa Bassa Girl
Jou Jou Art
Corinne Stevie
Black Superheroes
Ecbacc 08
Guerilla Art edu (Free resources)
Wake up
Cardboard chairs

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Junk for the Golden Trunk

We're definitely not sleeping on Miss Kennebrew's craftacular mastery, and had to take a moment to applaud some of the new items available to the public via the Junkprints site as well as her Etsian boutique. We do hope there will be more dresses in the future though *_^ Her 100 dress project was rather fly.

Plenny more where these came from via her Junk boutique

Mass Meditation and The Monthly Focus

Your valuable voice and attention are welcome to join us in our mass meditation today. Details are here

Monthly Affirmation:
I give my attention to the now. I bless the now and in doing so I bless the future and honor the past.

Monthly Totems: Hummingbird and Citrine


Life is becoming a wonderland of delights.
Live for beauty. Embrace the present moment.

"Hummingbirds teach us fierce independence. They teach us to fight in a way where no one really gets hurt. They teach us simple courage. Andrews says the twittering, vibrating sounds of the hummingbirds bring us an internal masage that restores health and balance.

Hummingbirds also inspire us to protect the environment and to preserve old traditions that are in danger of being lost. When Native American ways were being destroyed by the expanding Euro-American culture, the Ghost-Shirt religion was established to try to bring back the animals and old ways through dancing. The leader of the dance was a hummingbird."



Drives out negativity and negative people. Transmutes negative vibes.
An excellent stone for centering, it increases prosperity and intuition by helping one discern their true voice over the voice of anxiety. Doesn't need to be recharged often (can be sat in sunlight via windowsill for recharging every so often). Click the above link for more intel.

June '09 is a month to remember the flight of self-empowerment, now-presence, and the celebration of existence in general. Shine your light.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Indiefied: Regime Change and Negus World Order, The Clonious feat. Muhsinah

The first official release of The Adroit Adventures EP, produced by Paul Movahedi features the much celebrated Muhsinah as a taster before it drops via
Ubiquity records on the 9th.

Listen to the stream or download here:
The Clonious feat. Muhsinah - One At A Time

Props to NWS for the intel.

Regime Change and Negus World Order- Connect

If you're not familiar with Negus World Order, it's a movement whose mission is to change the view people of color, specifically people of African ancestry, hold of themselves. Visit (we first learned of them via SoulEmag) for more intel on their movement, and def leave your thoughts on their belief that calling oneself Negus: meaning King (Ethiopian) will help eradicate the 'N' word.

Props to Liberator for the intel

Kiss The Sky 6/13

In celebration of Farai Chideya's new black rock-championing book 'Kiss The Sky', has organized a fitting event featuring the likes of California King and The Smyrk to name a few.

Click the image for more details on the Brooklyn event taking place at Trash bar.

Video from the book release party

Peep the interviews with Farai about her novel at

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Monday, June 1, 2009


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It's my great pleasure to announce, in 30 days we'll be moving into an apartment building where sane people reside: D Thankyou to everyone who extended well-wishes and/or donated to the moving fund. Your support is treasured more than you know. It helps to know wishing for a peaceful home is generally a supported notion by fellow balanced people *_^

I know a sistah's blogging has slowed some, but this should improve when things return to a state of reasonable balance on this end (e.g just this weekend the not-humans who live on the 2nd floor were outside trying to bash one another's heads into the side of a truck... No Exaggeration. They're more than a little distracting, and the teenager and I are trying to spend more time at the park and out of the house for the time being).

Thank God for earplugs when we do have to be here.

Shine your lights bright, Greenies.
Goodies are en route. Soon come.