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Indiefied- The Fall Issue of Purple

The Fall issue is coming soon.
Anticipate Bliss, Shania D, Saerze, The Orphic and Imani Coppola to name just a few interpreters of deeper dimensional vibrations...


Oct 24th draws near...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Call For Solidarity - Those In Authority Need To Be Held Accountable For Their Actions

I barely have words right now, but I do have links you can click to verse yourself in these injustices that have risen to the surface of late.
These incidents are not happening for no reason with such high visibility.
ANYONE who is interested in true justice, should be interested in seeing justice served no matter the color of the skins involved. WE ALL must take a stand. SHARE THE TRUTH of these stories with everyone. Continue to fill petitions. Join Organizations that can further the progress of true justice in this country. Stand. March, Boycott companies that do not share the vision of World Unity. We have power. Complacency isn't working. Use your voice.

These incidents are no longer to be tolerated.
There must be strong repercussions to dissuade the behaviors we have seen by 'authority figures' who are engaged in injustice towards others, or who support those committing injustices. Plain and simple.


Here are a few suggestions for the People Who Need To Be Regulating The Justice System
(check back for updates)

Do Not Taser Elderly Wheelchair Bound Women To Death.

Do Not Arrest A Person For A Few Bad Checks Used To Purchase USED clothing and other necessities Ten Days After They Have Experienced A Horrific Week Long Rape And Torture That The Torturers Told That Person Was Perpetrated Because Of Her Race---Also, Categorize Such Attacks Based ON Race Appropriately As Hate Crimes.

Fire and Arrest Officers For Misconduct, Period.

Arrest Security Guards Who Break The Wrists Of Little Girls, Whilst Calling Them "Nappyhead" No Less---Do not arrest the girl, her mother for demanding the security guards arrest, or the person who caught it on tape.

Put Down Canine Officers Who Bite The Scrotums Off Of Suspects, While Investigating And Arresting The Human Officers Involved Based On The Conclusion Of An Outside Investigator.I could give a damn about that particular dog's life when it has castrated a 15 year boy savagely.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dumb it Down? Lupe Flatly Refuses.


This is one of the few inspirationally conscious reasons why Hiphop will recover and have a rebirth.
Those corporations gonna be mad about it.

Bless your bold beautiful heart Lupe.

Treehugger Rewards Green Minded Bloggers

Potential opportunity.
The post is a bit older, but we decided to share it anyway.
If you're a green and passionate blogger, Treehugger may be interested in having you join the team.

More through the Black Daisy


Under the Flourescent Light by Aurore Adamkiewicz ND

The article below is presented to you with concern for the direction we may be heading in concerning Flourescent lighting. UltravioletUnderground shares with you a respected Naturopath's wisdom, in one of our member's Indigo Awareness groups. We hope you enjoy this and find it eye-opening enough to inspire action. You can make a difference.

“Under the Fluorescent Light”

Fluorescent lighting and its contribution to:

Cancer, depression and learning disabilities.

By: Aurore Adamkiewicz ND

Its official, Canada is now in the process of phasing out incandescent lighting and switching over to compact fluorescent lighting in favor of the Kyoto Protocol. The United States is presently considering following in Canada’s footsteps. Sounds like just the promising “Green” change that environmentalists were looking for. Indeed, many are rejoicing over these compact glass gadgets that have been hailed as money/energy earth savers. Why is the fact that CFL’s are filled with mercury, emit microwaves, are labeled a biohazard, and let off a strong and dangerous electromagnetic field being virtually ignored or downplayed in almost every article touting its “benefits”? With these serious health implications to consider, it is worth it for us as a society to take a deeper look at the CFL phenomena and what its potential impact will be on the human race. Let us not forget what the impact that nuclear energy has already left on our entire world. This was also once esteemed as a monetary and environmental breakthrough by many of the same people who are pushing the fluorescent lighting agenda today.

I would first like to explain why this subject interests me so and why I am taking this potential risk to our health so seriously. I am a naturopath doctor that practices sound and color therapy. Color therapy, also known as chromatherapy, is the practice of applying color to certain parts of the body using a light bulb and colored filters to balance, rejuvenate, and heal the human body and organs.

While this sounds like a simple and cost effective therapy (and it is), let me assure you that color and sound therapy is a science based on the effect of sound waves and frequencies and their effects on the human body. In order for a chromatherapist to effectively treat the human body they have to rely on the most perfect light source to deliver the color. Obviously, the most perfect source would be the sun itself, (yes, the sun, you know that big bright ball in the sky that has accumulated so many enemies these days?). You maybe thinking about now that I am going to tell you that I use a full spectrum light, LED’s, or a halogen…think again.

Incandescent bulbs, hands down, have the best and closest spectrum to natural sunlight. Does that surprise you? This is probably because you have been lied to for so long about the benefits of “full-spectrum” lighting. A full-spectrum light or “Ott-light” is a bulb that has had the color yellow completely removed from its spectrum (Dinshah, 2005). Taking out the yellow makes everything appear more clear and crisp, however, the fact that the color blue is completely missing is creates a potential imbalance to the human body. A regular non frosted incandescent bulb has a larger amount of yellow than natural sunlight; however it has a complete spectrum and is not missing any colors. Even with my rejection of the Ott light and the full spectrum light, do not think that I disregard the work of John Ott the founder of full spectrum lighting. To the contrary, Dr. Ott’s research on the dangers of fluorescent lighting on the human body and environment is a powerful voice of dissent among the hypnotized masses. His pioneering research 25 years ago on the biological effects of light sources on the human body is as relevant today as ever.

We no longer need to rely solely on Ott’s work for information about the dangers of Fluorescent lighting. Robert Brennan from the New York Megaphone recently wrote an article calling for the removal of fluorescent lighting from public work places, schools and businesses. Brennan states that fluorescent lighting causes mental and physical illness and poses risks to people who live and work under the lights all day long (Brennan, 2007). Citing revolutionary research from such highly regarded scientists and researchers as Dr. Richard Stevens an epidemiologist from the University of Connecticut medical center and Laurence Martel Ph.D president of the National Academy of integrated learning, Brennan makes an irrefutable case against the “environmentally un-friendly” fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting has been linked to problematic modern day illnesses plaguing our society today, such as: depression, leukemia, melanoma, anxiety, tooth decay, sleep disorders, headaches, SAD, and aggressive behavior. New studies have now proven that people who worked outdoors in the sun all day had the lowest amounts of skin cancer while office workers who worked under fluorescent lights all day had the highest (Cousens, 2000).

Protecting Our Children from the Fluorescent Fall out

While shopping at Home Depot several weeks ago, I noticed a man knock down a stand of at least 15 fluorescent lights. The crash was so loud it startled me and when I turned around to see what fell I immediately sought out my children to keep them away from the biohazard “spill”. I witnessed in the midst of the chaos several employees running over to pick up parts of the glass with bare hands, I also saw another employee merely “sweeping” it up into a dustpan. Customers, oblivious to the mercury and carcinogenic danger, simply stepped over and onto the debris.

I already knew about the perils of the fluorescent clean up protocol, having just read about the plight of a woman from Prospect, Maine named Brandy Bridges who had a fluorescent bulb break in her child’s bedroom. Ms. Bridges contacted Home Depot, the store who sold her the bulb, and the store warned her not to simply vacuum up the broken bulb but to call poison control. What ensued in the following months was a dangerous fiascal which falls short of a home based reality show called “Biohazard Survivors”. She was instructed to completely seal off her child’s bedroom after the room tested above safe levels for mercury and hire a company that cleans up mercury spills for no less than $2,000! She also found out that her home insurance would not pay for such a service (Farah, 2007). This leads me to ask a personal question to fellow American’s everywhere. How many people do you know return burnt out CFL’s to the store for disposal? How many people do you know have cleaned up fluorescent bulbs with their bare hands and a vacuum cleaner, completely oblivious to the dangers?

At the Home Depot store I was shocked by what I had witnessed. Furthermore, I imagined children running over to that same area and touching and playing on the ground where the spill occurred. I went to two different managers and received a different answer from each one. The first, manager told me that there was no danger as the dangerous chemicals simply “evaporate” into the air upon breaking. The second manager explained the protocol that Home Depot takes such as; using HAZMAT, OSHA, and EPA guidelines when cleaning up. This involves; reporting the spill, wearing special gloves and disposing them with the broken CFL’s, spraying a special solution, and sealing off the area from customers until the clean-up was over. He seemed disappointed by his employees disregard for biohazard protocol but was not immediately alarmed either. This led me to write a certified letter to Francis Blake the CEO of Home Depot, which I hope will make an impact but I have recently learned by reading his bio on the Home Depot webpage that he used to be apart of the environmental protection agency. I now believe because of the marriage between CFL’s, special interest, and government agencies, that it is up to the American populace to educate themselves and protect their families from this potential environmental catastrophe.

The fact that Germany has already restricted the use of fluorescent lighting in public places and has banned fluorescent lights in hospitals shows us that this issue is too great to be shrugged off and ignored (Brennan). We should follow Germany’s path instead of Canada’s in regards to lighting and start as a country looking at more relevant and pressing issues that are beckoning for our attention. Clean water and the effects of fluoride, pesticides and insecticides on our health and water table is something that is spiraling out of control and needs to be taken seriously. While climate change has been apart of life on earth for millions of years, the utter and complete destruction of our environment through man made chemicals has not. Let us work together to keep our environmental priorities and not get caught up in special interest hype. If you want to go “green” and still stay healthy then use LEDs and not fluorescents.


Dinshah, Darius, (2005). Let there be light.

Malaga: Dinshah Health Society

Brennan, Robert, (2007). Cited, Fluorescent light ain’t right.

The New York Megaphone: New York City.


Cousens, Gabriel, (2000). Conscious eating.

Berkley: North Atlantic Books. * See additional research below

(Arch Environmental Health, 1990;45:261-267)

A US Navy study found that the most malignant melanoma was found not in people who worked in the sun, but with people who worked indoors under artificial light.

(Lancet, 8/7/82, 290-293)

A study published in The Lancet found that it was not sunlight that caused melanoma but rather fluorescent light that caused more than twice the melanoma risk.

Farah, Joseph, (2007). Cited, Consumers in dark over new bulbs.

Only that day dawns to which we are awake- Thoreau

Aurore Adamkiewicz, N.D.
Aurore, LC

UltravioletUnderground says:

Check around. Others have written of the dangers associated with flourescent bulbs.
We offer links to two perspectives below.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mychal Bell is Free!

Young Brothah Mychal is out on 45,000.00 bail.

Mr. Boswell at may have more details soon.

Virtual Marchers and Activists, keep your banners and photos up until justice is truly served.
It is wonderful that he is no longer imprisoned, but we have to see the conclusion through before we know how honest the Jena legal system is willing to be under the pressure of extreme exposure in the mainstream.

It's important we continue to stand and make our voices heard.

If you haven't joined the Ongoing Virtual March please see the sidebar and click the signup link (largest font). You can note your site in the comments, as a virtual marcher. Please be sure your photos state your desire for the Jena 6 to be freed in a sign you're holding or with superimposed type over the image, so there is no mistaking what your photo is for.
The goal is to keep our Virtual March photos in the sidebar until we are positive justice has been served.

Peace be upon you all.
Thankyou for your stand in troubled times.




Interesting turn of events when Caucasian student wears 'Free The Jena 6' shirt to school.

The Restoration of Our Rights Begins

Pieces of the Patriot Act have been ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, who believes searching without probable cause, is NOT okay.
See, not everyone in government is completely crazy ^_^
Heartwarming news indeed.

Read More/Digg This

Groovemaster offers an interesting factoid and a healthy dose of sarcasm:

Interesting fact

The entire Patriot Act (over 300 pages) was written BEFORE 9/11 occurred.

Nothing suspicious about that, though... Just like there's nothing suspicious about Bush/Cheney refusing to testify to the 9/11 commission under oath (or even have their testimony recorded), and nothing suspicious about the Bush administration vehemently resisting an official investigation for over 500 days.

Yep, 9/11 was all exactly as they told us it was... These people are extremely trustworthy and credible in everything they say and do. ;)

While hardly credible, these fools did remind us not to let fear rule us...

The restoration of Habeas Corpus will follow (this was my prediction last year and I hold to it).

More Fight For Your Rights News...

More Failed Intimidation Tactics-Police CAUGHT staking out videographer who caught them on tape

Verizon (in bed with AT&T.Yahoo.AOL and other internet freedom hating, wire tapping, bandwidth stealing fiends...) shows their true colors and infringes on Text Messaging Rights

All Day Access to Love and Light Vol.1, Virtual Gathering Style

Click the Brighead to be taken to the Virtual Party.

Don't forget your digital goody bag.

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Indiefied- Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus locks onto your solar plexus with a funktorious tractor beam, luring you into their dimension of transcendental masterminds via many unfathomable layers of an electric rabbit hole. They are caught in the rapture of beatmaking glory, channeling technicolor notions unencrypted only beneath blacklight.
They are the gatekeepers of surreality, having mastered what many consider untranslatable before it's realized that the chosen ones have taken on their destined path as transcribers of higher etheric planes. The future is here, wearing vintage samples and daring progressive leaps for accessories.

Come this way darling humans. Flying Lotus has a song for your evolution.


The release of their latest digital offering, Reset, is slated for Oct.1 release.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gatherings of More Than 5 Banned in Burma

Recent Avaaz literature is advising that the Burmese Junta are banning gatherings of more than 5 and have sent thousands of troops to take control of the streets.
Irregardless, Burmese Monks and protesters continue to march. Five monks have been shot by Burmese officers in Rangoon. Panicking officers have teargassed, and beaten marchers as well.

An emergency meeting of the UN security council has been called, and the hope is that China, who holds economic strings in the Burmese regime will apply necessary pressure to stop the violence.
This will be the second request for China's intervention in recent times, as China's assistance has been called on by Dream For Darfur, due to their role as supplier to the regime in the Sudan.

You can make a difference. Please sign the petition through the link below that 75,000.00 people have signed already, to show your support of these brave Burmese Marchers, who are standing for their civil rights in a bold stance against the powers that be.

Sign the Petition Here

Take a stand for the future of the world in all the corners of the global village.



Violence seeks to further discourage freedomfighters stance

Green- Considering the Secret Life of Plants

Digg has become my new thing to check daily. I don't know how long that will last but, I do find some beautifully off-beat news that makes my little rebel heart glow.

This is one of them:

Plants have their own network, and chemically warn each other of approaching predators.

"The caterpillars are coming"

I have yet to read The Secret Life Of Plants (it's in the plans), but I've read articles on the subject and references to it in various tomes I've flipped through. Some might think the intelligence of plants could present a problem for those Vegans who refuse to eat animals for reasons of being cruelty-free, but there's always the solution of only eating those things that have fallen voluntarily from a tree, vine and etc. Some hardcore- Vegans already regulate their diets with the aid of this reasoning.

There is research that indicates plants seem to close their consciousness before they are harvested.

The Value of the Common Voice

It's no secret that the days of jumping through hoops to secure an opportunity to express oneself are over. The blogosphere is fast becoming a media source in its own right that has proven its worth on many levels, including the level of grassroots activism as seen in the case of The Jena 6.
Anyone with technology as common as a cameraphone can capture news that can go 'viral' in a matter of minutes or hours, with the potential to evolve into global news, threatening the shadowy 'secret' positions of the elite or making a celebrity of the average citizen.
It would seem a new kind of justice and opportunity to see that everyone is held accountable for their actions, and a global venue for the common voice is here.

Talks of regulating and imposing ethical codes upon bloggers have wisely fizzled out, seeing as blogger audiences do their own regulating via comments and forums, but it would seem some are not celebrating the influential power in this mode of expression, and are instead troubled by the ultimate freedom the 'new media' is experiencing.

Consider how this will affect the shape of the world in years to come.
Please feel free to discuss.

Check the list below for a few interesting Digg's on the subject of global access to grassroots media audiences (expect updates to this list):,2933,297869,00.html,,2170960,00.html

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crystalheads- Science Proves Parallel Universes Exist *gasp*

It's been said that imagination precedes Science. I totally believe this, and it would seem Quantum Physics can cement that theory in fact. Movies like Jet Li's 'The One', and others that have explored parallel dimensions, have been telling us what we are now finding to be a reality.
Perhaps next we'll create a device that lets folks visit the parallel dimensions we create...and of course now that I've said that, there will be a time or dimension just conceived (disclaimer: as the conceiver I see it as only accessible by those with pure intention)...

The Press Association Advises:

Parallel universes exist - study
Sep 23 11:33 PM US/Eastern

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists described by one expert as "one of the most important developments in the history of science".

The parallel universe theory, first proposed in 1950 by the US physicist Hugh Everett, helps explain mysteries of quantum mechanics that have baffled scientists for decades, it is claimed.

In Everett's "many worlds" universe, every time a new physical possibility is explored, the universe splits. Given a number of possible alternative outcomes, each one is played out - in its own universe.

A motorist who has a near miss, for instance, might feel relieved at his lucky escape. But in a parallel universe, another version of the same driver will have been killed. Yet another universe will see the motorist recover after treatment in hospital. The number of alternative scenarios is endless.

It is a bizarre idea which has been dismissed as fanciful by many experts. But the new research from Oxford shows that it offers a mathematical answer to quantum conundrums that cannot be dismissed lightly - and suggests that Dr Everett, who was a Phd student at Princeton University when he came up with the theory, was on the right track.

Commenting in New Scientist magazine, Dr Andy Albrecht, a physicist at the University of California at Davis, said: "This work will go down as one of the most important developments in the history of science."

Read More at the Source's Site

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Indiefied- Afflicted Yard

Beautiful Images in this shoot by Afflicted Yard.

Visit them by clicking the stardust **********.



We've received word that a malfunction with the podcast site has caused a delay with yesterday's Love and Light Listening Party. Brig's team advises a re-airing of the Virtual Party will take place on 9/27, as an all day airing, and will not be subject to a schedule as before. The previous provider's site ( completely failed, and the site's tech support did not resolve the issue. An early apology was issued and the date for the new broadcast released this morning.
An official statement will be posted at

The solution to the technical woes brought by the first provider is now found in Gcast.
The Gcast will broadcast within the Brig Feltus Myspace Blog on Thursday for the convenience of the listeners via a temporarily embedded player, so listeners may attend any time during the day at their leisure. Please see the Brig Feltus news site above for more information approaching the 27th. We're advised that Digital Goody Bags will still be issued as parting gifts.

Her team expresses their apologies, but couldn't foresee a glitch in the previous podware vendor's software, or the podware vendor's lack of resolution.

Oh It's Definitely Time To March On Washington...

What's really going on?
It must be time for the parts of our community that have slipped into a blissfully unaware contentment with second class citizenship to realize the depths of hatred that have remained towards our people.

Spread the word on this one.
Matter of fact, let's spread the word on EVERY incident, and come together from now on, to seek justice, period. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.

I happened upon unfortunate news at Overanalyze It, their original source is here:

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- Oklahoma City police are facing allegations of brutality, after a 15-year-old boy claims officers used a K-9 to help arrest him and then bite him between his legs.

15-year-old Mark Adkins is now facing several charges after taking a joy ride in stolen car and getting into a short pursuit with police in southwest Oklahoma city. But along with the charges he's now facing an uphill battle with his health after being captured by a K-9 officer that tore away flesh along with his scrotum.
Mark says "the doctors told me they didn't think they would be able to stitch me back together."

Mark's mother, Michelle, says "he was in trauma for 7 to 9 days and I've just never seen anything like this done to a minor."

Capt. Steve McCool of the Oklahoma City Police Department says "obviously they're not trained to bite in this particular area of the body."

Officers say Mark was not handcuffed when the dog attacked, and claim the animal was just doing what it was trained to do.

Capt. Steve McCool says "you had the officer on top of the individual, they're on the ground, the guy's resisting, the dog is trying to assist the handler with this aggressive behavior the best he can."

Mark says "I can't explain how painful it was. It was like being tied up and eaten alive."

But Mark says he was no longer resisting. His mother now hopes legal action will help the police admit they were wrong.

Michelle says "there are some good officers out there and there are some bad ones, but I think in order to clean it up let these officers take responsibility for what they do to the public."

Police are still investigating the incident and as of Thursday, neither the dog nor his handler has faced any disciplinary action.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Please Spread The Word About Nailah

Other than a text message on September 18th that her family doesn't believe came from her, no one has heard from Nailah Franklin. It has been reported that she had reported being stalked by a man before her disappearance, and her laptop was missing when her car was found.

There hasn't been a great deal of coverage on her disappearance, but spreading the word can change the level of exposure it's currently receiving.
News coverage may be lacking, but you can find information
at the site: Missing and Exploited

Description of Nailah Franklin:

Franklin is African-American
about 5 feet 2 inches tall
weighing 110 pounds
brown hair
brown eyes
She drives a company-owned gray 2005 Chevrolet sedan with Illinois license plate 1957855

Thankyou for sharing this information.
We have the power to make this news viral in the blogosphere.
The more this is passed from person to person the stronger the chance someone will see her and report it.

Update 10/4:

Nailah's body has been found.
It was uncertain for a moment but it seems to be officially pronounced.
More here.

Peace be upon her and her loved ones.


Previous Update:

We regret to inform you that Associated Press reported Nailah Franklin's body found on September 27th,in close proximity to her car. We later learned Associated Press jumped the gun, and there hasn't been a positive ID on the body. The investigation is still open. Our deepest condolences to her family if the body found is indeed Nailah.

Tap Water Pawned Off As Bottled Water? Yep.

"130 billion gallons of fresh water to produce 41 billion gallons of bottled water. Oh yeah, another 18 million barrels of oil to make the bottles. Kind of a waste, huh? Make higher-quality public water a political issue!"

Tested bottled water has been found to have bacteria and arsenic as well.
Aquafib (Aquafina) and Daphoni(Dasani) are among the earliest to stand up or be outed in their
practice of misleading the public, but they aren't the only bottled water companies
guilty of pawning off tap water in a bottle to the public.

If you filter the dangerous chlorine and flouride used in your water, you'll basically be doing the same thing these bottled water companies have been doing, A water filter can be purchased for less than 15 dollars. You can also get one for your shower head to protect your body. Your skin is the largest organ you possess afterall, and it does absorb the chemicals used in water...

More information here:

Gay Reform Counselor Arrested For Sexually Assaulting His Clients Hoping to Be Cured By The Church

" Two scholars funded by the "ex-gay" ministry Exodus reported greatly mixed results this week in the most ambitious study yet on whether faith-based therapy can "cure" homosexuality, days after a counselor in another "ex-gay" program was sentenced on felony charges of sexually attacking his male clients.

Christopher Austin, 43, was sentenced in Dallas to 10 years in prison on two counts of felony sexual assault in connection with his work in the "ex-gay" program Renew, operated out of the Church of Christ South MacArthur in Irving, Texas. A judge last week reduced his sentence to seven years' probation, not concurrently, on each charge, a district attorney's spokesman told "

I'd be very surprised if no one saw this coming.
Homosexuality has even been seen in the animal kingdom in monkeys, and from what I understand also in goats, just as opposite gender relations are seen in the animal kingdom. I have known men with alternative lifestyles that were showing homosexual tendencies straight out of the womb, and simply are who they are created to be. May their identity and self-love be blessed because they're lifestyle is their choice and God has given all of us freewill afterall.

Maybe less judging of others and more focusing on one's own life is in order for those who feel justified in condemning another person when they surely lack the right to do so...
The Most High doesn't make mistakes. The truth is in the heart.


Chanel Kennebrew is doing her thing on the design front.

"I make all kinds of stuff that people can see... like pictures, collages, drawings and stuff that exists in the internets and in print."

From bookbinding, screenprinting, etsy shop vendoring, web design to layout magicking, Chanel is a force to be reckoned with and supported.
With a flair for capturing the awkward gracefully and alchemically revealing the beauty within the seemingly ordinary, or blatantly box-breaking, Chanel can also step into traditional mode if a client calls for it.

Chanel is alive, and sharing rays of sunshine in the goody bags for life's ongoing celebration of possibilities.

I am absolutely charmed.
Thankyou Cocoa Lounge for the heads up.

Click the black star glitter to visit her quirky realm where the favicons dance and black and white comic strip gurus freak you out with whispered life wisdoms.


Global Village- Trent Reznor Supports Sticking It To 'The Man' With Less Than Legal File Sharing

Trent Reznor told fans at a recent 9 inch nails concert to steal his music.
He was apparently outraged by the ridiculously high pricing his CD's were selling for, and
feels fans should send a message to the greedmongers taking advantage of artists and fans of artists.

Here's the Youtube footage:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Black Lily Updates

October 1

Film Submissions open. Applications are available by emailing

October 20

Black Lily Presents Imani Uzuri & Ursula Rucker

Gordon Theater at Rutgers Camden

3rd & Pearl Streets - Camden, NJ

Please join us for the first in a series of five concerts at Rutgers University.

Tickets: $15/$10 for student

For more info, or call 856.225.2700

October 25

Bloom: 2nd Annual Black Lily Inc. Fundraiser

@ L’Etage (above Beau Monde), 6th & Bainbridge

For more info see:

Indiefied- Love and Light Listening Party

Can't get Love and Light Volume One outside the US right now?
Rest Easy. The Love & Light Listening Party will let you screen the album through 3 different streams.

Click the flyer below at the appropriate times to attend the listening party.

Click the flyer on the 24th to visit the Virtual Party, Enjoy the vibes, and collect your digital Goody Bag.

RSVP for more info or keep an eye on's News section.

See the Press Release here through EmediaWire/

Download goodies before the download expires through this Digital Goody post.

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The Grassroute- A Benefit For Katrina Disaster Relief

For more information click the Black Daisy ~~~~~~~~*

March for Justice in Jena 6 and the Black Community in General



You can make a difference.
Whether or not you could make it to Louisiana, the Virtual march for Jena 6 is an ongoing action that will continue until Justice is served. Please join the Virtual March and add your site. Directions are through this link:

Visit the official blog entry for more information.











Also participating (Her sign isn't in the photo but it's part of her blog entry, visit):


If you want your pic taken down, leave a comment or email: if you wish your request to be confidential. Your request will be honored. Your pics are linked from the pages where you display them. If the link goes down and another isn't available, your pic won't be displayed.

Thankyou for your stand.

The Grassroute - Do you know what's being done to the Wolves?

The thrill-killing of wolves is not only cruel and inhumane, it creates an imbalance in the natural ecology of their environments. The government cannot continue to 'Play God' when there is already a natural system that operates independently of the meddling 'interventions' of men.
If you have a moment please make your voice heard by logging onto Defenders Of Wildlife

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vegan- Flat Earth Chips

More health-conscious snacks.
1/2 a serving of fruit or vegetables in every ounce of Flat Earth chips.
I dig this (especially considering my erratic eating schedule... This way maybe I can get alot of my nutrients?).

Hopefully they taste as good as they seem to actually be for the body.
The name sounds suspiciously 'secret society' but it's easy to be paranoid these days...

For an unusually interactive peak into their realm
click on the stardust