Monday, March 30, 2009

The green consciousness of flower helmets

It started with a potential Purple Mag cover (middle painting- 1st pic), then 4 more paintings emerged. The following is the progress a week into the re-emergence of my brushstrokes (I put this on the backburner for too long... I love the part of consciousness that emerges when painting).

The flower helmeted Fae make an appearance in The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus. Click the link for the e-version and links to the print version.

Papercraft delights are in the works. more on this later *_^

Electric Purgatory: The Fate of the Black Rocker

Review: Retro-Km

Action packed Retro-km begins with a stand-off rife with racial tensions and examples of self-determination, abandoned cities and the quest for the lost-found. Sisters and brothers who haven't evacuated the city fast enough become the prey of Cold Wind soldiers determined to enslave and keep them from knowledge of themselves.
Edward Uzzle's Ta-Amentan characters come to life very early on, acting as champions for the disempowered. With what some would consider a bold in-your-face approach to celebrating Kemetian roots and systems of self-restoration, a strong message continues to meet us throughout the story:
"Our roots matter. Let's get back to understanding that".

Appearing to be a self-edited indie work, the first edition of this book tackles the challenge of writing in the first person conversational point of view, shifting between present and past to weave a tale of self-determination throughout generations. Uzzle's highly imaginative technological innovations are both realistic, and practical for life in Ta-Amenta, a black utopia.
Ingenius in many ways, the book includes the naming of weekdays after appropriate Neter equivalents rather than Roman deity names, and his potent revelation of the significance in the myth of Ausar and Auset (known to some as Osiris and Isis) to the black community, makes this book a powerful read, though it is not for the faint of heart.

At times feeling cinematic, the fast pace and potent imagery of Retro-km weave a tale that both informs historically through Ta-Amentan cultural tradition based on Kemetic mythology and practices, and messages that fill in missing cultural blanks for people of color, that were left out of Western society's patched-up syllabus.

Retro-Km is a highly entertaining and enlightening first edition, that educates, and uplifts one to comprehend a more self-empowering understanding of the Creator (of many names), all without losing its edge, or the lure of serious page-turning action. This book is definitely for adults, as colorful language is exchanged between characters, and regard of the female physique is assessed from an adult viewpoint.

Review note:
If you're an indie artist (scribe/musician/visualartist/experimental/etc) interested in having your work reviewed, contact: purplemag at for mailing information. Our reviewers vary and are available at different times.
The review period typically ranges from 30-90 days upon reciept of materials. Repeat emails regarding review status are discouraged, and could result in a declined review (pressure doesn't need to be applied- our small team is ethical and will do its best to accomodate review materials that match our focus). Sign up to the email feed to learn when your review is posted. We do not post very unfavorable reviews (if it really doesn't resonate with us we won't likely post it), or reviews for art/products that don't fit our focus. Reviews are not guaranteed, but are usually handled promptly if the review content fits our guidelines. See the sidebar for more information about our process at Ultraviolet Underground.

Urban Soul Warrior Lalania

Penning instructions for self-mastery in the heart of the metropolis, Lalania has manifested an illustrated guide to achieving deeper connections with the world around us, despite the numbing, and desensitizing effects of modern living. We haven't read this yet, but felt the need to drop the intel for those who'd like to get a headstart on the wisdoms.

Visit her digital realms:

Thankyou Faatma for the heads up *_^

FlipNautick's Mental Train

Creator of Neoterra, FlipNautick has another treat prepared for lovers of versecraft.

There you'll find words like:

"I miss my midnight walkabouts, walking thousands of miles across the galaxy without ever leaving my room. I exist only because I think I do. I am as real as numbers. I drift into dreams without leaving a trace. The road I walk on is long and rugged; stretching beyond the edge of the Earth. Concrete walls cannot contain my imagination. My mind is as restless as my soul, forever chasing dreams that flutter in the moonlight beckoning me to follow. If I have to, I will build a rocket ship that can shoot me past the seven layers of Heaven straight to God. "

-Michael Mira

Click the image the Mental Train image above to visit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nat Creole Mag 2.0

The new issue is up
Click the pic to visit.

The Joy of Creating

note: Anticipate the Faery helmets
mentioned in The Books of Zambarau-Maji Omnibus in the next issue of Purple *_^

Pardon the sparse updates of late. Tried to make up for it today. A sistah is working on a collection (currently completing 5 pieces), the layout of the next Purple Mag issue (4/24), and I of course stay in the kitchen whipping up the flyness for the teenager and myself (despite a recently broken blender or two ). :(

I'm also enraptured in my reading of the Metu Neter Vol.1 (Props to C'BS). This is one I put off for too long.

More reviews are on the way, and I'm accepting submissions along with Boston Fielder for the extra URB ALT issue (Summer '09) *_^ More details available only at URB ALT's ning, in the forums. Sorry non-URBALTians.

*shoots the peace sign

I'm taking up collections

So for the 3rd time I've called the police on the neighbors who have been spoken to a grand total of 13 times (between myself, the landlord, and the local police department)... I hoped it would eventually become a balanced situation. Now I realize it's time for next-level freelancing to give the relocation fund wings.

It is time to go.

What was once a relatively peaceful neighborhood is now reduced... The fighting (you wouldn't believe it if I told you), the club their apt has turned into..., and the overall lack of couth have me ready to go after I've lived here 4 years to their 5 1/2 months. In truth, I was ready to move two weeks after they moved in.

It's been time.

So from this point through the summer of 2009, I'll be offering ebook formatting services for Smashwords formats, Book cover design, and more, to contributors to the Peace of Mind fund *_^. Please see the service list below to see what I have available in my skillset. It's not the complete list but with updates, it will be fairly close. Starting at 25-30. for very simple projects or small articles and ranging to 60. for somewhat involved projects (request a quote for lengthy or very detailed/time-consuming projects), you can email me for your particular promotional, or commission-requiring ventures *_^ My turnaround is swift. Energy mail: Purplemag at

Updated: Click the cover to read the service guide for current pricing available through Summer '09.

Book covers w/ spine, or front and back only in .jpg format):

note: These are samples (using free photo stock, and mashups of photostock)

Smashwords e-book formatting:

I format according to styleguide outlines.

Also available: Promotional e-book creation, Technical writing/Press releases, Social Media promotion and set-up.

....and much more *_^ (Couldn't resist the saleswoman pitch)

I will update this veddy soon. Stay tuned.

Sidebar intel:
Taking up Collections- Seriously price slashing for book cover design, ebook formatting and creation (promotional or otherwise), Establishing Social Networking hubs, and more... Samples available. Swift turnaround.

Energy mail: Purplemag at

Note: Services include email support rather than phone support, due to a current schedule of serious multitasking. Click the service guide cover below to acquire ordering details.

Indiefied: Elsie Law, Corinne Stevie's Strawberry Air Fields, Maji Omnibus giveaway, Black Blondie,, and SXSW

Elsie Law is Starface.
Love her.
Stay tuned for more of her exalted

Click the image to visit her dimension.

Scheduled for 2008, the Strawberry Fields Ep has released for the dazzling of independent minds and minds in need of guidance alike *_^ The incredibly vivid visual and etheric artist (her visuals are insane!), who can be currently found on both Myspace and through regular blogging at, is a force. Click the image to download the sonic gems.

In commemoration of the new Lulu and Smashwords edition (Look for the second Amazon listing coming soon), The Maji Omnibus full ebook version is free to Ultraviolet Underground Meta-minded readers for 3 days.
Your coupon code: CT75S Enter it here.

Free Black Faery brushes (Gimp) and upcoming contest details for a meta-packaged print version approach... Stay tuned.

Black Blondie

Curious, powerful, and self-determined sonic wanderlust.

They're hosting the party for their new release on April 17th
at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis.

Visit them here for details. launches.

"For almost a decade OMNI has been Los Angeles' most prolific emcee, recording and performing across the globe practically non-stop ever since his 2001 debut album Funkdafied Freddy, which he recorded at age 18. At long last, everything Omni-related can be found at his brand new site,, from which fans can buy his albums in digital or CD form, view all his videos, read his blog, view upcoming tour dates, and connect with him on Myspace/Facebook/etc."

-James Dunn


Missed SXSW? Couch Sessions has prepared a number of interesting highlights. Click the image to visit.

Lush Imagery Courtesy of August Bradley*/augustbradley10jpg.jpg


More here.

Props to Anatomy for the intel.

Bassa Bassa Girls' Revolutionary Picture Book Issue 1

The flyness that is Bassa Bassa girl's Revolutionary Picture book has released its first etsian issue.

Revolutionary Picture Book, Issue 1

Click the image to visit and purchase yours.

Enjoy the lush vision and verse of Bassa Bassa girl here.

Am I Not Human: Darfur

With aid groups barred from the Sudan, raising awareness is more crucial than ever.

Please add your signature to the many petitions calling for the President to end the genocide in Darfur. Here is one you can sign now

On behalf of the people of Darfur who are barred from communication, as well as lacking access to their technology, we ask:

Projects that have been active in aiding Darfuri refugees, that
can still use your help:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inspired Sis: E-classes for natural crowns

Props to Inspired Sis for sharing holistic gems through her e-class on natural haircare. If you're interested in learning more about going natural, contact her for more information. You can peep a previous guestpost to try one of her lush recipes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harakiti preview

Ah. I missed this. Visiting Inspired Sis' realm of Plantfolk, I happened upon a preview release of Harakiti sketches. Enjoy this morsel as we await the release of Prince Quan Luv's magnificent revealing of Motherland Ninjas.

It appears a website has also arrived *_^

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Others dimensions for locating ConsciousInk

The lush expansion of the internet has provided a great many brilliant minds with room for their digital dimensions, but it's often word of mouth that helps us find out where the especially bright gems are. Enjoy the recently noted zones where underrepresented lit for indie cultures of original roots may be found.

Color Online says:

We accept review copies. Reviewed books will be featured on our virtual shelf, our wish list(s), shelved at our library or included in our Prize Bucket. Might be a featured discussion at our online forum or our on-site lit group. We focus on YA, multicultural and women's lit.

Black Eyed Susan describes herself as:

Wannabe bohemian mama, loc-wearin', veg-head, feminist, activist, writer. I'm a voracious reader: books, blogs, message boards,writing prompts, reviews,poetry and cereal boxes. What you'll find here are my responses to what I've read. If you'd like to know more, write me. black.eyedsusan(at)yahoo(dot)com

Some interesting reads recently mentioned at Black Eyed Susan's:

Click the images to visit the sites, or purchase.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sacred Glitches

note: The above image is a Black Faery stencil offered for your enjoyment *_^ Print, and cut carefully along the black lines, then paint, or spraypaint through the newly stenciled lines to imprss the image upon a tee, backpack, wall, or etc. Three new stencils have been added to the print omnibus now available here.
(It will return to Amazon shortly through a new publisher)

In recent times, as some of you know, I've experienced some glitches submitting the new cover /title page for The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus. Files that have been accepted with a certain publisher without a hitch since 2008 (and through another publisher in 2006) for the Omnibus and books therein, were suddenly not translating with the publisher's system, and even after 3 emails, I couldn't get the simple question answered: 'Has your system changed since December, and if not why aren't my files going through when they're formatted as they usually are when they're accepted?'

Throughout the process of trying to make sure the book became available again for readers who notified me of their interest in purchasing copies, my spirit sank with each frustrating auto-responsed email from this publisher leading nowhere as it repeated the same unhelpful sentiments with little variation, issued by a rep that didn't seem to know how things worked at her company, as too much time passed.

Persevering, and refusing to become overly discouraged I looked for the silver lining, figuring it would be wise to have another alternative available even if it was temporarily out of print, and reformatted the omnibus as an e-book for instead (a wonderful place I recommend to all scribes/publishers).
The formatting process took some focused attention, but wasn't nearly as complicated as it seems (if you're very freaked out by it, drop an email. We may be able to barter services *_^).

And another glint of silver revealed itself in my return to, a company that has grown, and still works with a much simpler process for submission, without all of the hassles of the previous publisher, though they are much more expensive unfortunately (This may change, or an able competitor may emerge). might be an option I look into as soon as they begin to accept pre-formatted .pdf's...

So even though the problem loomed, there were other options. The beauty in this sacred glitch is that I would have likely waited for a long time to place my book on, and probably would have never returned to Lulu, which has great services to offer their indie authors.

Instead of caving under the pressure, seeking a solution with unwavering determination proved fruitful, if laborious. This isn't to say my mood is completed uplifted after this experience though, having remedied the problem for now, I find myself thrown off track by several weeks, exhausted, and fighting to keep my spirits in a clear place.

It's led me to think about previous glitches of various kinds that have for whatever reason stood in between myself and desired goals. Determined and good at meeting deadlines, glitches that are too abundant have added to frustrations that have come at very poorly timed moments, but reviewing the past, as I have over the weekend, I realize they all served a purpose that wasn't apparent until much later.

It's all too easy to abandon hope and assume everything is too difficult to accomplish, and nothing will ever come smoothly and fairly, but the reality is every glitch, or illness (energy imbalance) serves us.
How would we know what we need to exercise, smooth out, or refine, if everything we attempted came up roses? Visible imbalances give us the opportunity to move forward, and effect change within ourselves for the better. They tell us what stands in our way, if we can release our negative reactions, and look a little closer at the symbolism in whatever glitch rearing its head during our process towards a goal.

The hope in this is tremendous. When we move forward intent to improve, after having packed away our pity party favors, and projections of future doom and gloom, we can soberly look at our state, and map out a path to the state we would most thrive within.

Our illnesses are sacred, because they tell us the truth. Maybe they don't tell it blatantly, but they do give us riddles with golden paths in their answers.

Are we feeling unfulfilled? Why do we feel unfulfilled? How did we get here? What decisions brought this state about? What past experiences resemble this state? What choices did we make then? Are they the same choices we're making now? Do we want to progress? If not, why? Is there an experience we need to make peace with before we're ready to move on? Is there someone to forgive? Questions we need answered?

We have to communicate with ourselves, but buzzing about through our rapidly filling day to day when do we honestly do that, and how can we expect to know ourselves or where we should be headed without this dialogue?

When we're beset with a problem, there's always grace in the path to its solution. There's you as hero, overcoming the problem, and you as 'victim' being saved by that inner superpower. In most cases, we don't know our superpowers exist until something challenging comes along demanding it to come out. But if we don't commune with ourselves, will we care enough about ourselves to stand up and face the challenges that threaten our equilibrium?

The world isn't out to get us. And maybe we're not understood, but do we want to be? Are we secretly in love with the familiar gloom of feeling under-nurtured or underappreciated to the extent that we select situations that will continue to deliver that uncomfortable comfort zone?

There's always a reason for everything that takes place, even in those seemingly hopeless and excessively ridiculous situations, where it is necessary to take another look at what the universe (or Divine consciousness if you will) is trying to tell us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring: Plant Good Seeds

Last night, without thinking about Spring, I utilized a new approach to irritations that were surrounding me (you simply wouldn't believe the e-related glitches that have thrown off my schedule by at least 3 weeks...). Pulling out a piece of paper, I wrote my name, and drew rainbows and happy-faced stars around it. It's worked for my cat after all. When she was in a depression, I drew hearts and happy faces around her name. Call me crazy, but her behavior changed, and there's a kick in her step again. The mind has power. It sees the things we place around us, pays attention to the pictures we have on the wall...

So in thinking about planting good seeds for Spring, I think of my 'Rainbow Therapy' as The Maestro would call it, and list-making.

What will I put on the list?
Thoughts seeds. Happy ones written in the present tense.

I embrace the good.

That's a big one that we could all reprogram into our minds a little more.

What seeds will you or have you begun to plant?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Zaproot 79- Waterproof Sand

More Green Intel here:

Audiovisual Splendor: John Forte, amd Murs

Apologies for the delay. A sistah's been trying to work around current print glitches with the publisher... Looks like a solution, albeit an expensive one, has found. More on this later? Enjoy the following, if you haven't peeped them already.

John Forte- Runnin up that hill

Murs- Me & This Jawn

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caramel Bella's Green Report ep.1


The necessity for independent media, on a wide range of subjects has been apparent for sometime. It's with pleasure UU shines a light on those we come across, who share intel and resources we require to be aware, and prepared for effecting positive change in our own communities.

Show Caramel Bella support in her Green reporting by visiting her dimension.

Call for Solidarity- Prevent 1 Million Foreclosures

Ga3 writes:

"Even if you're paying your mortgage, foreclosures cost you--on average, $6,000 per family, and that doesn't include indirect spillover effects that drain resources from communities. Every foreclosure adds up to more disrupted lives, more homeless children, and more seniors who lose all economic security.

The House has already passed a bill that would allow struggling homeowners to get relief through the courts. The Senate is considering this measure now--a proposal that requires no new tax funding and could prevent one million foreclosures."

Please lend your voice here. Tell the senate to prevent one million foreclosures

DJ Skeet Skeet's Afro​Punk SXSW 09 Mix

Click the image to download.


1. Whole Wheat Bread - Throw Yo Sets Up
2. Dallas Austin - Children of the Revolution
3. Janelle Monae - Violet Stars Happy Hunting
4. The London Souls - Someday
5. Irradio - Call The Nation
6. Amercian Fangs - LeKick
7. The Smyrk - The Ballad of Fletcher Reede
8. J.U.S Evolution - Fast Money
9. Peekaboo Theory - Immediate Hesitation
10. Disaster Us - Slice Me Up


Props to Lyssa for for the intel

Vegan Prn- Cinnamon Sugar Cookies (or cake if you add water...)

The beauty of the vegan diet definitely rests in the variety and wonderland nature of food experimentation. Any recipes you find here (or anywhere for that matter) can be played with, added or detracted to, and built upon. Veganizing a recipe is easier than it seems once the basics are revealed.

In the case of baking:
Cornstarch (rice starch, potato starch, applesauce, and other binders) can be used instead of eggs, oil can be used instead of butter, and vegan milk (rice milk, hemp milk, soy...) substitutes in place of dairy milk in recipes calling for it as glaze or as an ingredient (you can add cornstarch to simmering vegan milk with vanilla extract and sugar to create a handy frosting as well... or fry sugar in a frying pan with a minimal amount of water to make caramel).

The following Cinnamon Sugar recipe is one of Q's (youth contributor) variations of the basic vegan sugar cookie. The good news is, you can also make cinnamon sugar cake or pancakes with this recipe by adding the water you would leave out in cookie batter (about 1 cup... for pancakes you only need flour, flavoring, organic sugar and water).

The recipe ingredients are highlit below:

Mix dry ingredients: 1 cup and 1/2 of flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tbs cornstarch, 1 to 1 and 1/2 cup organic sugar, a mild sprinkling of cinnamon (less than a tsp), before adding wet ingredients.

Mix wet ingredients: 1 cup oil (or melted butter) with 1 tsp vanilla extract (opt'l).

Mix dry and wet ingredients together to make cookie dough. Once properly doughy place in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes before attempting to form cookies with it (this is advisable with any dough for pastry-making and etc- colder dough is easier to work with).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Form small circles to desired size. A good standard size is to make them the size of the super bouncy balls you can buy in gumball machines for 25 cents.

Place the cookies on a well-oiled cookie sheet or pie pan into the oven (in the absence of a cookie sheet or pie pan use an oven-tolerant ceramic plate... carefully).

Let cook for at least 12 minutes. When you see a very slight browning around the edges they are ready. Even if they don't look like it, take them out and let them cool. They'll harden and blow your mind. You'll be glad you were patient.

If you've never made cookies from scratch before, you may wonder where the water is. There's no water in cookie batter. You will end up making mini cakes if you add water. Trust. Add enough oil and the batter consistency will be perfect for forming cookies without struggle. If its too dry it will cook dry.

Enjoy *_^

...More to come.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Luxurious Materials- Etsian Boothkeeper 'Gloilocks and Body'

Received this lovely package in the mail the other day from Gloilocks and Body. DIY heaven. Boxes wrapped in jet black ribbon, envelopes made from recycled daily news, and a vegan soap majestically wrapped for fawning over. The scent of the MoonDog soap is extra lovely as well.

I definitely recommend you take a peek at the etsy booth.

Gloilocks gets an A+ for packing and ambience of lovely bath and body tools.

Her blog: Fauxreals

note: If you're an indie merchant seeking review, contact: purplemag at gmail for mailing information to specific reviewer(s). We do not accept payment for review.