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Ultraviolet Underground Announces The Release of Dazjae Zoem's Maji

Update (1/2009): The full of title of Maji, is 'The Books of Zambarau- Maji Omnibus'. To avoid brand confusion (with two other books of similar title) moving forward the omnibus will be printed and listed with the full title (this should be finalized shortly on the Amazon page).

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Ultraviolet Underground Announces The Release of Dazjae Zoem's Maji

Dazjae Zoem Releases Maji in 2008 Electronic Omnibus

(PressMethod) - Originally releasing Maji's Magik Volumes 1-3 separately in 2006, Dazjae Zoem has opted to present the Black/Multicultural fantasy volumes as an omnibus containing the additional treat of epic poem: Metaheart with extra short shorts from that collection, and other Enchanted tidbits as originally announced in Purple Magazine's Annual Modern Myth Anthology issue which
featured snippets of Maji-esque pieces and illustrations in 2007. The Maji Omnibus will be released first as a complimentary Ebook that is accessible to Beta readers for a limited time and those who might have a challenge paying for the print version that will also release in 2008. Reviewers will receive Beta copies before the ebook is made available to the public in March 2008. Interested reviewers can contact Miss Zoem for a pdf copy. The temporary download link will be made available to the public in an announcement at on March 17 2008. A version for's Kindle book format is also in the works for 2008 release.

"Developing youth and the inner children of adults have the right to see their image portrayed in exalted positions without the sabotage of psychologically damaging or psychosis inducing criminalized branding. People of Color and Underrepresented individuals such as women and subcultural groups have experienced extreme, unthinkable stripping of wealth from the material down to the actual symbolic archetypal images associated with them. In a world shedding toxic illusion and returning to its green roots; the origin of civilization tracing back to the stardusted paths of the Motherland everyone originally hails from in harmony focused traditions, the scapegoating and the pillaging of cultural gems of all forms from the natives of all lands [the same separation tactics were used in lands many don't know were conditioned no differently than the 'Free World' countries], no longer has a place,' Relays Miss Zoem.

Called a faerie herself, by a few keen-eyed acquaintances, Dazjae Zoem intends to enchant in the healthiest way; by including the reality of original roots in the realm of archetypal fantasy. She believes fragmentation (such as the choking of diversity found in colonized history) is at the root of the imbalance in the world, but knows it can be remedied with something she calls dreamvision. Her love of symbol and archetype has been a key to her own puzzle for many moons, as it has been for many artists who revere the wisdom of the psyche in the work they share with others. Through research and symbolic study, Miss Zoem even chose her family's surname to reflect their true roots in the tradition of artists who consciously shed the names imposed upon their ancestors by slavetraders.

"Fantasy is revelation. I think I've always been at least half, though others might argue more than half, in the otherworld, so [it took a long time to find the right surname to replace the slave name imposed upon the line I incarnated into- We tried another surname once but in the end had to return to our West African origins to find the right one] my family's chosen Motherland surname as Zoem releases us from the bondage of inaccurate cultural naming while interestingly mirroring the sanctuary of the Zoem Trainhouse mentioned in Maji and Metaheart [a spontaneous turn of the story realized later]. Art is sanctuary and wields the power of thought and spirit. I've been reborn in it many times. I can only hope that the 'happy places' I share are as healing and therapeutic as those lent to me when I bathe in the words and images of my teachers,' Dazjae extends.

Maji which means Water in Swahili, is a title symbolic of restoration of the feminine energy society was tricked into condemning, making masses of people essentially divorce their feelings, intuitions and imaginations. Like the Metaheart short short 'Le Conseil des lunes', the intent is to restore an awareness of true beingness in the world, along with the evolution that comes with it. In a world that has seen corruption never intended by Higher Natural Forces, Miss Zoem feels the only way to go now is up. She'll also informs that she'll be announcing more details on the Eshe book opportunities that will be authorized through for fellow underrepresented inkslingers and visual artists. The Purple Magazine Annual Anthology issue will also offer opportunities for underrepresented artists interested in representing Original culture.

Once Maji is released as a print Omnibus, an adventure series already penned and pending the illustration of 14 year old son Quoraan Zoem, a visual artist and author, is planned for future release. The epic poem Metaheart will follow as a separate effort exploring a visual journey in a graphic novella that will have several incarnations illustrated by Zoem herself, as well as in versions by exceptional artists of Underrepresented cultures.
The I.F self quest books will find themselves manifested in RPG game forms along with snippets of short films that serve as edutainment for players engaged on a self quest designed with astro-numerical challenges and energy designations. The Zoem camp invite grassroots developers of all experience levels to potentially become involved in upcoming multimedia projects. Word has it there will also be music made from lyrics contained in the Maji volumes, forthcoming at first on mixtapes released through and later perhaps as an EP.


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Dazjae Zoem's Answers to Maji-related questions
Pt 1: What inspired Maji?

(The previous Youtube video mysteriously disappeared
without explanation... We're now using Megavideo)

Pt2. Why did you make Maji an Omnibus?

Pt.3 What genre is Maji in, exactly?

More interview parts en route

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