Friday, April 4, 2008

Vegetable Proteins Liberate Your Deodorant Experience, Greenies

You might not know it yet, but you can enjoy
health and have a fresh scent without contracting Alzheimer's
from the aluminum in your deodorant.
Enter examples like Etsian Vixen and Venus'
Basmati Rice deodorant which utilizes
Vegetable protein to neutralize odor.
It's a very groovy process that demonstrates
why nature's intelligence is superior to "modern man's" reachings...

I mean what's there to reach for when it's already available in nature, and reveals itself when we're calm enough to listen? The messages are everywhere.

We're guessing Vixen and Venus use Sacchoramyces Ferment a.k.a Vegetable Protein Extract as a main ingredient, and while there are still some chemicals, it's a mostly green alternative to Big Business' marketed killers.

Enjoy the links below to the open patent detailing the process and alternatives you can use if you have aspirations to create your own.

Open Patent Link

If you don't wish to make it from scratch with the openpatent info, you can buy a premade base at I've been thinking about creating one for the house as Vixen and Venus is going out of business and I will no longer be supplying my deodorant. The base at Aquatech-Skincare is fairly popular amongst handmade deodorant purveyors. It has the same description that I've seen in a few shops advertising their vegetable deodorant. It's good to know that you have the option to make your own vegetable protein deodorant, though most of us will likely continue to leave it to the indie's that make it round the clock.
You can check out Oyin Handmade whose 'Funkbutter' is all natural and probably not mixed from a premade base. Oyin advertises it as a cream to powder formulation. They're so creative. Takes a month to arrive though.

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