Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Featured Friend: Alice Wonder

Alice wonder is a gypsy.
Her tumblr is a magical place where minds dulled
by the false glitter of regurgitated formulae in
mainstream culture are inspired anew, awash in
rainbows and uniculture delights.

You simply must visit: http://alicewonder.tumblr.com

LE FLASH: Castleberry Hill, Atl. (artist : corinne stevie) —— myspace.com/corinnef ——myspace.com/seestevie
Art by the great Corinne Stevie.


Anonymous said...

oooh! alice wonder is fresh. i admit to sniffing older library books at times so it's cool to see others who've done (or promote doing) the same. lol.

and that painting in the image below her info is awesome!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace Queen *_^

Alice is dope. LOVE her.

I feel you on library book sniffing. There's nothing like the scent of a vintage book.

That's Corinne Stevie's painting.
The chic is fierce. I'll have to give her proper shine at UU in the future. Need to look for her site.

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