Friday, May 2, 2008

Biodegradable Plastic Alternative: Zelfo

The whole plastic thing has really gotten under my skin since I've seen what it has done to ocean creatures, and have realized the impact of using it. My contribution to the solution is to cease using plastic as much as truly possible. This means no more plastic bags at the grocery store, and using biodegradable paper bags to discard of garbage as well as purchasing hygiene products that come in non-plastic packaging as much as possible (Lush is good for this; using mostly paper packaging and products like shampoo, body butter, and deodorant to name a few that are solid and meltable).
Turning the plastic issue over in my mind this morning after researching food dehydrators and water distilling (easily done at home; even with homemade equipment-Google it or wait for the GreenSoul insert in Purple Issue#6), it dawned on me. Isn't there a plastic alternative? There's a natural alternative for everything else. I mean, nature's even provided all purpose soap in the form of Indonesian soapnuts. Even dairy products can be made from seed milk (usually 1 part soaked seeds and four parts water blended with the resulting pulp strained out through cheesecloth or preferred strainer). There is literally nothing natural intelligence hasn't thought of and provided for us.
Plastic alternatives are no exception. Doing a Google search I discovered Zelfo: a Hempbased biodegradable plastic that can truly be used in place of plastic with no compromise. Why aren't people buzzing like crazy about this?????? Why am I only now hearing about it? I cram to understand...
Needless to say I will do more research and see what info can be provided through the blog and future issues of Purple. If results look as good as they seem, we all need to be sincere in greenifying the planet and demand that non-biodegradable plastic production become illegal, turning our attention to the manufacturing of Biodegradable Hemp Plastic. Zelfo is 100% plantbased and uses ingredients such as Hemp and sugarcane instead of glues and resins. It's 100% biodegradable.

Enjoy the video below and marvel at the majesty of Nature's Divine Intelligence.

Thankyou HauteNature for the Intel

Visit Zelfo's Online Realm:

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Anonymous said...

the reason people havent heard of zelfo is because this is the first year it has managed to be commercialised - want to see more of it? tell everyone you know to visit the website, read and spread the message. REALLY want to see more? buy any Zelfo product you see in the next 12 months - there wont be many, but it will make or break this technology

PurpleZoe said...

I'll be spreading the word on this end. I am thoroughly impressed with your company's rise to green action. I look forward to purchasing Zelfo products along with the rest of the world.

Shine on