Sunday, August 3, 2008

Switch To Agave- Do It For The Bees

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I had no idea bees were catching hell like every other enslaved people, and creature in past and present "modern" society. Is it any wonder their populations have been diminishing? Knowing this a sistah can't take part in it any longer. Bees use their beeswax to build homes and it takes forever for them to regurgitate honey. You did hear that right. Honey is bee vomit. Also the Royal Jelly they produce for Queens is simply that. Food for their Queens. It can turn a worker bee into a Queen and throw off their whole system. Beekeepers kill the Queens usually after two years and elect a new Queen, though the original Queen can live for 5 years on average. Beekeepers also gas bees which pacifies them into not sending signals to each other to attack... sound familiar... sound maybe like an equivalent to the flouridation in the water systems?

When will the meddling stop? It's a sickness for sure. Meddling with nature and the cultures of indigenous peoples is corrupt and causes imbalance in the collective for everyone. Fortunately, the universe is merciful (which has been proven repeatedly) and has given us alternative to honey.

Agave, related to the natural soap plant Yucca, is a perfect plant based honey substitute that not only works as sweetener that doesn't raise blood sugar (good for diabetics), but it can also be used like honey as a humectant in your hair for natural conditioner. Natives of Mexico have utilized it in making pens, nails and needles. Expressed juice from the leaf will lather like soap when wet and a spirit distilled from it sap, Mezcal is used as Tequila.

Pretty impressive.
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